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Booth: 811
Pavilion: Eyewear Pavilion
Dynabook is the new name for the Toshiba PC and Client Solutions Business. Although we have changed our name, we are still the company that introduced the first laptop and pioneered the adoption of more than 30 World’s First Technologies, which have shaped mobile computing. Demonstrating this commitment to innovation is our award-winning dynaEdge(TM) AR Smart Glasses, the first AR solution running Windows 10 Pro and powered by a high-performance Intel(R) Core (TM) processor. The Dynabook smart glasses are a wearable, hands-free AR solution designed to help large enterprises improve efficiency, quality and operating flexibility. Dynabook's AR solution enables multiple usage scenarios including See-What-I-See, Remote Expert, Document Retrieval, Workflow Instructions and Real-Time Data Capture making it the enterprise solution for tomorrow's starting today.