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Booth: S26
Pavilion: Startup
Arvizio's enterprise XR Platform provides advanced 3D visualization for multi-user and multi-site shared mixed reality experience of CAD, BIM, 3D scan and LiDAR point clouds. Advanced optimization and hybrid rendering allows complex models and real-time IoT data to be visualized with HoloLens, Magic Leap, untethered VR headsets and Mobile AR devices.Arvizio’s XR Platform combines advanced 3D visualization, real-time sharing and data integration in a single comprehensive solution comprised of three key components:XR Director: Manages the full MR experience including import, optimization and hybrid rendering of complex 3D models, IoT data and document integration and real-time multi-user sharing.Immerse MR: Mixed reality app fully synchronized with Director for viewing and interacting with complex 3D models and associated data.Immerse Mobile: Provides the ability to participate in the MR experience via your iOS or Android device without the need of a headset.