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Booth: 919
Pavilion: Enterprise Pavilion
VDen is a partnership between CG Heroes, LLC and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to bring projection-based team VR to the consumer market. The current VR landscape focuses on single user systems (headsets) which makes it difficult for teams of people to simultaneously share the virtual space, while being able to see each other and communicate face-to-face. Many activities in the current business world, like team brainstorming, team meetings, group discussions, and customer presentations, require face-to-face settings. These teams may need to look at a set of blueprints, computer models, reports, etc together to discuss details and issues. In the educational and training world, social interaction among teachers and students is crucial for discovery and learning. Students and teachers work together solving problems, exploring new knowledge, and practicing procedures. All these activities are only possible if there is a shared face-to-face social space for all participants where they can act, react, and communicate. vDen is a 3D interactive projected room where multiple users can enter together and experience the virtual world as they would in the real world. Their physical bodies are embedded in the virtual world for a more engaging and social interaction. vDen has been developed with over 20 years of experience creating social VR platforms with the goal of making it simple, affordable, and accessible to a large range of disciplines and industries. Key features of vDen are: 1)a single workstation operating the entire room; 2) affordable cost; 3) compact floor space; 4) ease of operation and maintenance; and 5) easy to move to multiple locations, tradeshows, and customer sites. It comes with a Unity-based SDK for easy application development and rapid porting of existing VR applications, with support for other platforms like OpenXR and Unreal in the works. vDen is a consumer platform that addresses not just specific vertical markets but also horizontal market opportunities across multiple disciplines. Talk to us to see how the vDen can make your immersive experience more effective!