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Geenee, Inc
Booth: 845
Pavilion: Interaction Pavilion
Bridging the physical and digital worlds with lightweight and robust image and video recognition. GEENEE is an advanced video and image recognition platform that uses patented technology to deliver dynamic, curated content into the moments of daily life. Combining AI and Feature-Based Image recognition to connect the off-line, online and immersive realms, GEENEE can deliver the right content at the right moment using magical cameras and interfaces that live wherever audiences do - in an app, on a platform or directly on the internet ...adding a frictionless digital skin to world around you. GEENEE's web-based API can add a layer of the internet to any surface or screen, wherever it exists: a billboard on the street, a bottle on a bar or the TV in your living room. GEENEE provides content in context to Streaming Digital, Social Media, Print and Broadcast- coupled with immersive consumer experiences that drive user-adoption and create positive, trackable engagement in ways that are delightful, meaningful and useful. With offices in Los Angeles and Berlin GEENEE is image recognition, everywhere.