Ted Gagliano
President, Feature Post Production Twentieth Century Fox Studios

Ted Gagliano has been at Twentieth Century Fox since 1991 and was named president of feature post-production in 2001. At Fox, his responsibilities include oversight of the completion of over 30 films per year from the five film divisions.

Ted is most proud to have worked with so many great filmmakers over the years. During the course of his career, he has overseen post production on such diverse films as Independence Day, Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Master & Commander, Walk the Line, and both the X-Men and Ice Age franchises. He has a particular fondness for his role in supervising the film restoration for the special edition of the original Star Wars trilogy. Recently, Ted oversaw the complex post production of the groundbreaking film Avatar. More than 100 different delivery versions – an unprecedented number – were created for the December 18th day-and-date release in 102 countries.

Ted, a comparative literature graduate of Princeton University, began his professional career in 1982 at Paramount Pictures, New York, where he was the 3D technical coordinator for the Friday 13th Part III. In 1985 he moved to Los Angeles, where he was named manager of film library services. In 1986, he moved over to the feature and television post-production department.

In addition to his post production pursuits, Ted contributes to the Cambodia Children’s Fund, Project Angel Food, participates in maintaining the Redwood Monastery in Mendocino, and is an avid researcher/ investor in new medical technologies. Most importantly though, Ted spends his spare time with his boys Wilbur and Biscuit!


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