David Levitt
CEO Pantomime Corporation

Dr. David Levitt is co-founder, president and CEO of Pantomime Corporation. He earned his B.S. in Engineering and Applied Science at Yale, and his M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and doctorate in Artificial Intelligence, at MIT.

When Levitt joined the team that invented virtual reality at VPL Research, he created the first VR worlds with realistic gravity, object collisions and 3D sound.

Levitt has been a research scientist and product developer at Atari, VPL, the MIT Media Lab, Viacom and Interval Research, and co-founded three startups. In 2014 he and Don Hopkins founded Pantomime and began developing and delivering magical augmented reality apps.

In 2021 Pantomime created Reality Faucet software that uses LiDAR depth sensors in iPhones and iPads to create AR with uncannily realistic physics that reflects to the user’s unique environment. In spring 2022 Pantomime is beta-testing the Reality Construction Kit app, which makes it easy to reach in, build, and play in stunning, seamless mixed reality scenes.


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