JR Dawkins
Innovation Program Manager Verizon Media

JR Dawkins is a tech junkie that spent his early days at Apple Retail teaching customers how to use Apple technology and working at the Genius Bar. In 2013 he changed gears to take on a software product management role and delivered software solutions across all platforms including web, mobile and desktop. Since 2016 he has been working in the world of XR technology via Verizon R&D. This has afforded him the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of XR technologies and the impact 5G will have.


May 31

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Mission City
Main Stage

How Edge Compute + 5G Are Enabling Pervasive XR

Ali Daniali | HRVSTS

Nima Shams | DigiLens

Ali Daniali | HRVSTS

Terry Schussler | Deutsche Telekom AG

Ali Daniali | HRVSTS

JR Dawkins | Verizon Media

Alisha Seam | AT&T Foundry

Hiren Bhinde | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.