Ben Delaney
Chief Analyst Greenlight

Ben Delaney is the Chief Analyst at Greenlight Insights in San Francisco. He is the award-winning author of Virtual Reality 1.0 – the 90’s, and has been a frequent contributor to international conferences focusing on virtual reality and its impact, and has provided keynote presentations on three continents. In the 90’s, he published CyberEdge Journal, which was the world’s leading newsletter of virtual reality. He later produced important studies on the virtual reality marketplace.


May 29

05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Mission City
Main Stage

The O.G.’s of VR - lessons learned, vision confirmed

Linda Jacobson | HaptX

Tony Parisi | Lamina1

Avi Bar-Zeev | XR Guild

Tish Shute | AWE

David Frerichs | Amazon

Ben Delaney | Greenlight

Jonathan Hirshon | Horizon Communications

May 31

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Grand Ballroom EF

Virtual World Society presents "The Ethical Enterprise"

Robin Rosenberg | Live in Their World

Ben Delaney | Greenlight

Josh Lovejoy | Microsoft

Selma Sabera Ruzdijic | MEOW WOLF

Jesse Martinez | Latino Startup Alliance