Nigel Tierney
Head of Content RYOT // Verizon Media

Nigel Tierney currently serves as Head of Content for RYOT, a subsidiary of Verizon Media (VM), overseeing the development, creative, art production, & marketing departments. Nigel is shepherding the advancement of immersive and mixed reality experiences specifically targeting the integration of storytelling, brand, & celebrity, as well as creating original content across VM’s suite of brands such as Yahoo, Tumblr, & HuffPo.

In addition to spearheading content; Nigel has lead a team to build out RYOT’s state-of-the-art 5G Innovation Studio. This new production facility in Los Angeles is fitted with the latest in motion and volumetric capture technology, all of which has been designed to experiment with forms of storytelling that leverage Verizon’s 5G wireless technology.

Prior to his time at RYOT, Nigel served as Chief Creative for a variety of animated projects responsible for tens-of-millions in viewership as well as Senior Technical Director at DreamWorks Animation with award winning credits including a variety of tentpole franchises such as SHREK FOREVER AFTER, THE CROODS, KUNG FU PANDA 3, & CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS. Nigel is also known for creating the world famous J/K COMEDY CLUB, a hidden club located in the heart of the DreamWorks Campus, that showcase a wide variety of celebrity comedians.


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Nigel Tierney | RYOT // Verizon Media