Naomi Assaraf
Founder, CMO cloudHQ

Naomi Assaraf has been a leader in business for more than two decades. At 17, she started her first business, making a lasting impression on Montreal's community of cosmopolitan stakeholders and entrepreneurs. She made unmistakable strides with her obsession to the customer experience, but ultimately, she thrived by becoming a tireless, legendary networker who made sure that giving back was integral to her operation.

Moving to Silicon Valley in 2012 afforded Naomi an opportunity to be a consultant in the biggest, most famous technology center in the world. Her expertise in multiple areas of digital marketing would eventually catch the eye of educators, politicians, startups and venture capitalists. A year later - with a diverse clientele and industry buzz around her projects - she would become a founder and CMO of cloudHQ, a successful email management company that makes Gmail productivity tools for clients like Uber, Netflix, and WeWork.

Naomi has keynoted conferences around the world - on three continents - about the impact of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and about the need for more diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. The Huffington Post called her a big thinker and a great storyteller, and noted that "with a background in both sociology and marketing, it is easy to see why she is endlessly curious about the evolution of communication in the Information Age."

Always a believer that helping people must be a part of success, she mentors up-and-coming entrepreneurs about their corporate social responsibility initiatives, and encourages young people worldwide to strongly consider STEM careers. In fact, she is a digital volunteer and administrator for the popular Facebook group "ARVR Women and Allies", which shares valuable info about, and opportunities in, the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality industries.


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