Chief of Secret Police Draw & Code

Driven to build better realities, Dave Lorenzini has created, developed and led xR, media, mapping and technology companies that have changed the way billions of people see the world. Successes include work at keyhole (google earth), space imaging (maxar) and googleX (glass). Currently exploring the future of immersive spaces, places, and characters as Director of Strategy, R&D and US Operations at Draw&Code, based in Valletta Malta, Los Angeles & the UK. 


AWE Lisbon 2022: Going to be near the UK or Malta after the show? Come see the future at our new R&D labs in London & Valletta.  Looking for investment, talent or partners? Reach out. Want to work on inspired projects? We’re hiring. Need next level xR apps, experiences and immersive magic? Visit


May 31

02:30 PM - 03:30 PM

Grand Ballroom C

AWE Around the World (AWE Nites)

Patrick Johnson | Rock Paper Reality

Patrick Johnson | Rock Paper Reality

Suzan Oslin | UXXR Design


Molly Portillo | AWE

Shota Saito | Graffity inc,

Carl White | Meshicon Software

Emily Smith | Nelson Education

Ron Padzensky | Independent Consultant