Regulating the Metaverse

Jun 3

10:00 AM - 10:25 AM


The Metaverse is coming and it will impact all our lives before the current decade is out. As an industry pioneer who began working in AR and VR over thirty years ago, I have a broad perspective on where the field has been and where it's going. And right now, I am both excited and concerned. Excited because the momentum has finally hit critical mass. Concerned because of the very real prospect that large corporations could bring the destabilizing features of social media into the Metaverse. To address this, I have been calling for sensible regulation of metaverse platforms to help ensure the technology rolls out in a positive way. This talk will address this important issue by answering three key questions: (1) What will the metaverse really be like when widely deployed? (2) What are the most significant risks consumers will face? and (3) What are the most helpful and sensible forms of regulation to avoid the metaverse becoming a destabilizing force like social media?


CEO and Chief Scientist , Unanimous AI

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