The Value of User Research in XR


How do we make compelling and desirable XR experiences for the diverse needs of XR users? User experience (UX) research can identify the direction and accelerate the path towards this goal. But UX research in XR faces new challenges compared to traditional media. What are they and how can UX professionals help solve them? This panel invites UX experts from Academia, Magic Leap, Meta, and Microsoft to share why and how UX research can solve difficult and unique problems in XR, from identifying the target users to iterating and evaluating solutions that may not exist in full form when the data is needed to inform decisions. They will focus on how they have tailored User-Centered Design methodologies for XR, why and how multiple disciplines need to collaborate to make successful XR experiences, and other related topics. If you are interested in finding out how UX research can help your product, come join us in the panel.


Lead Behavioral Scientist , Magic Leap
User Experience Research Manager - Hardware , Meta
Senior User Researcher , Microsoft
Principal User Research Manager , Microsoft
Sr Director , Magic Leap
Assistant Professor , University of Rochester
UX Research Scientist , Meta Reality Labs

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