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Creating 3D Products for Every Stage of the Lifecycle

Jun 1

11:00 AM - 11:55 AM


Incorporation of 3D assets into the e-commerce customer experience has a significant positive impact. Customers are more likely to purchase products represented by 3D assets, and less likely to return them, because they have a much better idea of what to expect in real life. Khronos Group's 3D Commerce Working Group was founded to remove barriers to deploying 3D in e-commerce at the industrial scale. By extending Khronos’s glTF standards asset format, creating 3D authoring guidelines and tools, and certifying 3D viewer, this group is working to enable the seamless design, manufacture, and presentation of 3D products. In this session, experts from a variety of 3D asset providers share how they're working to create a single 3D object that offers value to stakeholders at every stage of product development. Learn how new hybrid working realities are driving the need for fully digital product development workflows. Discover current gaps in the pipeline as well as how to balance requirements for performance, portability, fidelity, and web accessibility. Find out how to incorporate shopping behaviors into the design process, so the same object interactivity features can benefit both product designers and consumers.


CEO & Co-Founder , Hexa3D
President & Chairman , NexTech AR Solutions
Co-Founder & CTO , ALL3D
Lead, Vertebrae 3D Engineering , Snap, Inc.
CEO, Co-Founder , VNTANA

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