Democratizing 3D - Making 3D Scalable and Accessible for Everyone


Companies spend millions of dollars every year on using 3D & 2D software and have to sacrifice many hours of highly skilled time to create usable 3D assets. This not only creates a barrier to entry but also makes 3D content creation non-sustainable, not scalable, expensive and very time consuming.. Companies further have to invest (and have invested) heavily in automation and modern 2D to 3D techniques such as photogrammetry to fix the common problems that arise with a variety of categories and asset types, often needing an extensive last mile edit by highly skilled 3D artists to complete the asset for commercial use. Join Daniel Frith (Vice President of 3D) from Avataar as he expands upon the advancements in Neural Radiance Field technology (NeRF) and how this will democratize 3D, introduce scale and disrupt the 3D industry.


Chief Creative Officer (CCO) , London Dynamics

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