Austin Cause Caine
Co-Creator Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design

My name is Austin but most people in VR know me by my username, "Cause." I am a co-founder of Cause + Christi, an XR production company specializing in mobile-optimized 3D environments, immersive storytelling, and interactive experiences suited for live large multi-user virtual reality events. Since our inception we continue to be instrumental in the creation and execution of many incredible "metaverse" projects. Our company has facilitated volumetric presentations, virtual festivals, live entertainment, red carpet premieres, digital twinning, platform development, game design, corporate retreats, education, award ceremonies, theatrical productions, holographic projections, and so much more. We understand good production, and we deliver it!

As an XR developer I'm interested in a wide variety of applications for VR and AR that go way beyond simple games and social hangouts. These technologies hold amazing potential for immersive mass entertainment and education on a level never before seen and I am excited to be a part of the handful of people sharpening the cutting edge for the future of our world. My latest passion leans toward volumetric and motion captured recordings and how these could be combined with well designed animated environments to create all sorts of amazing productions from fully immersive 360 degree interactive hologram concerts to virtual puppet theaters to entire movies or TV episodes in a new spatial and semi-tangible format. The possibilities are endless as long as the story is solid!

Before working in XR I already had a rich history in production from being a professional photographer/videographer to creating short films for competitions to growing up in the theater and nightlife scenes surrounded by insanely talented DJs, VJs, mixing and lighting board operators, stage directors, actors, comedians, and more who most certainly influenced and instructed me. I have worked as an audio engineer, music producer, visual effects designer, director of photography, film editor, code developer, construction framer, and graphics designer. I even used to design custom mod maps for Half Life and Team Fortress Classic back in the day which peppered some 3D experienced onto my resume. I now feel very well-equipped to design proper entertainment venues in this new spatial age of ours.

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