Avatars, Environments & Self-Expression - from Social VR to Cross-Reality Experiences

Jun 2

10:00 AM - 10:55 AM


VR and AR tools have provided numerous ways to align and expand the physical and virtual, and our interpersonal interactions can be shaped by these experiences. New research from StanfordVR has provided additional context to our learnings about avatars and virtual environments. Whether you are a developer, artist or stakeholder, come discuss the latest with our panel of industry leaders, researchers, artists, and visionaries.

A variety of perspectives will be taken into account, from philosophy to AI-generated content, platforms, avatar embodiment, and ethics. Based on audience questions, the group will also cover cross-reality methods for training, entertainment, and personal development as takeaways for creating effective and memorable experiences.


Founder , Ink & Paint
Mixed Reality Technologist , Dulce Dotcom
Graduate Research Fellow , Stanford University
XR Producer & Director , Dimension Adventures

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