Elizabeth Rothman
Advisor XR Safety Initiative

Elizabeth is an accomplished attorney and advisor based in Los Angeles with a specialized focus in the emerging technology space. With over a decade of law practice experience, her legal expertise predominantly lies in the domains of intellectual property, contracts, healthcare, and emerging technology.

She is prominently involved with the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI) as an advisor contributing to the evolution of safety and privacy standards and practices in the extended reality realm. This role sees her applying her legal acumen and insight to shape and influence policy in this rapidly evolving field.

In addition, Elizabeth serves as an emerging technology advisor at The Cantellus Group, a frontier technology consulting firm, and as an attorney with The Artificial Inventor Project, a project seeking intellectual property rights for inventions and works generated without human inventors and authors through a series of legal test cases. She combines her legal expertise and interest in technology to explore and address the complex issues arising at the intersection of law and frontier technologies including, extended reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.