Who is Responsible for Personal Asset Security in Web3?

Jun 2

11:00 AM - 11:25 AM


Theft, hacks, and phishing scams have been an issue since Web2 first existed. The problem is exacerbated in Web3 because there are so many additional vulnerabilities with smart contracts and digital wallets. The main difference between Web3 and Web2 personal security? In Web3, it only takes a single click to lose everything you own.

As businesses from gaming and entertainment industries to enterprise and DeFi platforms actively explore Web3 payment processes and currency options, the question becomes – who is responsible for protecting the user’s assets? Is it the individual or the brand? Spoiler Alert: both are. Individuals need to be savvy about the risks and businesses and brands should innovate responsibility, making built-in security frameworks a priority. Brittany Mier y Teran, Head of Business Development for Harpie, hopes to bridge the gap, sharing best practices and strategies for how brands and individuals can make safer decisions while trading, gaming, and interacting in the digital age. This talk will discuss the most common risk factors for personal asset security in Web3 – from social engineering and payload app scams to website hijacking and phishing to simple human error and social media misinformation.


Head of Business Development , Harpie

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