Employment is Dead: How Web3 Technologies will Fundamentally Change the Way We Work

Jun 2

02:00 PM - 02:25 PM


EMPLOYMENT IS DEAD: HOW THE METAVERSE WILL FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE WAY WE WORK, by New York Times best-selling author Deborah Perry Piscione and Harvard Innovation Lab advisor, Josh Drean, address the elephant in the room – work no longer works! The fundamental structure of work is in desperate need of a new vessel for productivity and fulfillment. With the explosion of technological advances in AI, web3, digitization, and cryptocurrency, employees are discovering new ways to earn a living that break the mold of traditional employment that offers greater ownership, flexibility, and agency over their working lives. EMPLOYMENT IS DEAD explores the mindset shift necessary to thrive in the metaverse, provides reasons why employees will eventually abandon traditional employment for the bounty of web3, and outlines practical strategies that digital-first leaders can start implementing today to take advantage of this vast new world of endless possibilities.


Co-Founder & Dir. of Employee Experience , Work3 Institute
Co-Founder & Chief Metaverse Officer , Work3 Institute

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