Developing Compassion as a 21st Century Skill in Immersive VR


Incorporating compassion and empathy in metaversive learning can be an effective strategy for increasing the retention of discipline-specific lessons in immersive XR learning environments. Morehouse College is exploring the use of emotive experiences to increase student engagement in their Metaversity. By integrating virtual reality simulations, storytelling, and perspective-taking exercises, students are able to connect with the learning material on a deeper, emotional level.

Virtual reality simulations allow students to experience real-world scenarios that demonstrate the importance of the lesson in a more tangible way. The storytelling aspect engages students' emotions and helps them to retain the material better. Perspective-taking exercises encourage students to think outside of their own perspective and see issues from multiple angles, fostering empathy and understanding. These emotive experiences have resulted in increased student engagement and a deeper understanding of the material, which can be applied in real-world settings.

Morehouse College's approach to incorporating emotive experiences in their Metaversity has the potential to improve student outcomes and better prepare them for future success. Take a walk around their digital twin campus, journey back in time on the La Amistad slave ship and World War II, and discover life of others from the lens of storytelling.


Associate Professor , Morehouse College
Metaversity Director and Professor , Morehouse College

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