Don't Fight the Platform, Hack It

May 31

02:25 PM - 02:50 PM


The AR landscape allows us to create unique experiences, but sometimes, we face platform limitations and constraints. Over the years we learned that it doesn’t mean having a lesser result. Your AR experiences could even be greater if you pick the right battles to fight.

We will go over a few projects from The Electric Factory that showcases how shaders, UV tricks, and procedural animations could add more value to your experiences.

We will dive into Talita Hoffman’s project, a 20 feet mural at Meta’s Brazil office with nine fully animated spaces living together in a single AR Filter. With the help of custom-built shaders and procedural animation, we delivered this experience under 3.7 MB with sound design included.

We will also revisit the SpaceJam AR project, a fully animated 360 panorama with 15 animated characters. With procedural animations and a series of UV tricks, we delivered an engaging experience under 1.7 MB with outstanding results.

Let us show you how to augment your reality with the best hacks in the business.


Creative Technologist Officer , The Electric Factory | Creative Innovation Company
Client Solutions Manager , Meta

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