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Finalists Announced for the 11th Annual Auggie Awards at AWE Online
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Finalists announced for the 11th Auggie Awards!

For over a decade now, the Auggie Awards have showcased the best of the best in augmented and virtual reality. As the most recognized industry AR/VR awards show (like the "Oscars of XR" according to one Twitter user), making it to the Finalists round is an honor.
May 8 marked the end of the public voting period, following hundreds of nominations between December and April 20. Next up is the judging period, during which members of the esteemed AWE Advisory Council will judge the finalists in each category to determine the winners. Council members include industry influencers and pioneers like Helen Papagiannis, Adario Strange, Graham Roberts, Avi Bar-Zeev, Alice Bonasio, and Cathy Hackl. 

Among the winners last year were The New York Times (Best Consumer App), Zappar (winner of Best Campaign for the 7-Eleven 'Always On' AR experience), MEOW WOLF (winner of Best Art or Film for The Navigator), RealWear (Best Headworn Device), and Snap (winner of Best Creator & Authoring Tool for Lens Studio 2.0). Additional past winners include HTC, PTC, UNICEF, IKEA, and Lowe's. 

Don't miss this year's Auggie Awards ceremony live on May 29 at AWE Online 2020!

In addition to the 15 categories below, additional honors will be presented at AWE Online: Best in Show, Startup to Watch (winner of the AWE Online Startup Pitch Competition), and Nextant Award presented by Virtual World Society.

2020 Auggie Awards Finalists

Best Art or Film
Grease AR - Intel Studios & Paramount
Undersea - Magic Leap Studios
The Key - Lucid Dream Productions
Unbody - Jay Bernard and Oxford Brookes University
Ghosted - Agile Lens

Best Campagin
PORTAL with Nreal - MESON
Pink Floyd The Later Years Web AR Experience - Draw & Code
HooplAR+ - Hoopla Digital Ltd
Volkswagen Virtual Motor Show - Exozet
Jumanji: The Next Level Web AR - Trigger

Best Consumer App
FNAF AR: Special Delivery - Illumix
roOmy Powered Enterprise Solutions for Real Estate Home Buying/Renting - roOomy with SOTHEBY'S International Realty
SBB AR App - The Future of Customer Information - SBB
Red Bull Rampage - Red Bull TV
Sherpa Tours - Sherpa AR

Best Creator & Authoring Tool
PrintCAST - KP9 Interactive
PlugXR Creator - PlugXR
ImagineAR Client Studio - ImagineAR
ZapWorks Studio - Zappar
Grib3D - Grib

Best Developer Tool
8th Wall Cloud Editor - 8th Wall
Unity AR Foundation - Unity
ISAR, Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality - Holo-Light
Immersal SDK - Immersal
VUFRAME Studio - Vuframe
6D.ai Developer SDK for Real Time Meshing - 6D.ai

Best Enterprise Solution
Holo4Labs - Solution4Labs
.rooms - Island Labs
Siemens VR Training - Exozet
TeamViewer Pilot - TeamViewer
VR Fire Trainer - Bublar Group
Spatial - Spatial 

Best Game & Toy
Kluest - Sons of a Bit Entertainment
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Skydance Interactive
ARcade Sports - ONTOP
Cartoon Network Journeys VR - Cartoon Network Studios
Pancake Pals - Magic Leap Studios
Otherworld Heroes - Bublar Group

Best Headworn Device
Nreal Light - nreal
X2 MR Glasses - ThirdEye
LetinAR Smart Optic Modules for AR Smartglasses - LetinAR
VisionAR - EyeTechLab / Univet

Best Healthcare & Wellness Solution
MediView Surgical Navigation System - MediView XR
Augmented Reality Program for GSK - Viscira
n*gram health - n*gram health
Proprio LF1 Surgical Navigation Platform - Proprio
Proximie - Proximie

Best in Location-Based Entertainment
Spatial Message - MESON
Universal Monsters Presents: Bride of Frankenstein holoride - Universal Pitctures, holoride, REWIND
TimeTraveler Paris - TimeTraveler Co.
Augmented.City - Vergendo
We Bare Bears Food Truck Rush - Cartoon Network Studios
Holocafe - Holocafe

Best Indie Creator(s)
Future Goals - Tilt Brush Art - Rosie Summers
Figmin - Figmin XR
Tangible UI - Greg Madison
Neon Wasteland - Rob Shields

Best Input or Output Hardware
STYLUS XR - Holo-Light
Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display - Looking Glass Factory
The Lion King Virtual Production System - Magnopus
etee - TG0
CleverPoint - The Parallel

Best Interaction Software
The Lion King Virtual Production System - Magnopus
ControlRoom Mobile - Persp3ctive

Best Societal Impact
Alcove - AARP Innovation Labs
EDU - Traffic safety A-B-C - EVRY
Data Augmented 360-Degree Fire Video - NIST
SoundShirt - CuteCircuit
Seek Education - Seek XR

Best Use of AI
Mixed Reality Navigation Guide - Apostera
Proximie - Proximie
Resonai Vera Platform - Resonai
Eve - TechSee
IBM Watson Experience Centers - IBM

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