26 May 2020 | AWE Team
AWE Online Platform FAQs
AWE USA 2020

Q: How do I participate in the session Q&A?

A: You must use the direct link for a particular Livestream to see the chat feature. You can find a list of the streams for each day here. Click on the appropriate stream, select "Play videos" and enter your questions for each speaker in the chat box to the right of the video player.

Q: I just signed up; how do I log in?

A: We ask that you wait at least an hour before asking for login information. There are many people signing up right now and it takes some time for the system to get everyone uploaded, integrated and emails sent out. We appreciate your patience. 

Q: The sound seems low?

A: Please check the audio settings on your advice to adjust the sound. 

Q: How do I access the recorded sessions?

A: All session recordings will be made available on-demand the following day (pacific standard time) via the AWE Online platform. To watch a talk you missed, go to the Agenda tab and click into a session. Don't forget that AWE Online ticket holders will be able to watch all talks on demand for one full year following the conference.

Q: How do I access/attend VR Side Events?

A: Each VR Side Event has different requirements for joining. We suggest reading more about each one within Pathable. Please note, VR equipment is needed for most of them. Lastly, these interactive events are not being recorded by AWE. 

Q:  How do I access the Museum of Other Realities VR Side Event?

A: Please see the event description here for instructions.

Q: My calendar says I am busy but I do not have meetings scheduled then.

A: If you add any overall streams and/or events to "Your Agenda" it will show you as busy for the duration of that stream/event on your calendar. Remove said streams or events to free up your calendar if you run into this problem.

Q: I had saved some items to "My Agenda" over the weekend but I do not see them now. 

A: Unfortunately, there was a glitch and some saved data was lost. The good news is that the platform was stabilized Tuesday afternoon and this shouldn't happen again; however, the lost information cannot be restored. We sincerely apologize for the trouble. 

Q: How do I request a meeting with someone?

A: Check out this helpful article

Q: Where can I find a list of the Exhibitors?

A: In Pathable or on our Website. Be sure to visit them all!

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