28 May 2020 | AWE Team
Major Announcements from AWE Online Day 2
AWE USA 2020

Day 2 of AWE brought us more exciting announcements. Twitter was abuzz yesterday especially after Unity's keynote - who doesn't love Wallace & Gromit? - and after the Diversity & Inclusion panel, during which Cyber-XR Coalition announced their new standards. Read on for all the news to come out of yesterday's show. 


Unity announced that their Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS) will be available starting June 1. Learn more.


Varjo partnered with MeetinVR to deliver photorealistic virtual collaboration. Learn more.


Zappar announced Universal AR, a set of software development kits and application programming interfaces designed to allow developers to create compelling AR experiences for mobile app and web environments. Learn more


MetaVRse introduced a web-based universal creation tool for marketing, commerce, training and education. Learn more


Mawari announced the launch of a new music WebAR experience produced in collaboration with 8th Walll. Learn more


Iristick and XMReality entered a partnership to offer XMReality Remote Guidance together with Iristick's smart glasses. Learn more

Cyber-XR Coalition 

Cyber-XR Coalition released the Immersive Technology Standards for Accessibility, Inclusion, Ethics and Safety--a novel first step towards the global effort to help build safe, inclusive digital ecosystems. Learn more.

Rise Above Research 

Industry veterans have created a new market research firm that focuses on the digital imaging and photographic printing markets. Learrn more. 

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