6 Aug 2021 | Mike Boland
AWE Talks: Will AR Drive Shopping's Next Era?
Augmented Reality

Welcome back to AWE Talks, our series that plucks the greatest hits from the vast AWE conference archive. To get the juices flowing for AWE USA 2021, we'll spend the next several weeks highlighting insightful videos from the recent past.

We continue the watch party this week with a look at an all-star panel that breaks down the benefits and barriers of AR shopping. What's the state of the union today? Where are things pointed? And what's missing to get there?

Tony Parisi: Head of AR/VR Ad Innovation, Unity Technologies
Amy Peck: Founder, Endeavor VR
Daniel Beauchamp: Head of AR/VR, Shopify
Boaz Ashkenazy: Founder and CEO, Simply Augmented
Shrenik Sadalgi: Khronos 3D Commerce Working Group Chair, Head of Wayfair Next, Wayfair
Cynthia Maller: Director, Customer Magnetics, Walmart ECommerce

See the full video below along with TLDR (or TLDW) quick-hit takeaways.

– Though it's often seen as "try before you buy" product visualization, AR has other formats such as visual search. 
– Half of AR's magic is in visualizing products. The other half is for the camera to understand and annotate the world.
– AR shopping channels include shopping apps, social lens apps, in-game AR ads (Unity's jam), and web AR.
– These channels each have pros and cons... Brands new to AR should align their campaign goals with the right format.
– We'll know AR has hit its stride when it becomes a consumer expectation... just like mobile, social, and video.
– Meanwhile, there are cultural barriers like brand adoption. Appeal to non-AR folks by dropping the jargon and speak their language.
– Beyond cultural barriers, underlying tech like 3D model creation needs to achieve standardization and scale.
– Mobile scanning advancements could democratize 3D models like smartphones democratized high-quality photography.

See the full video below for all of the above concepts and more in living color. 


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