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Monthly Spatial: August 2021
Monthly Spatial

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The Monthly blog post below highlights

the news we captured in the previous month.


Platforms & Tools

  • Facebook had multiple announcements this month with ‘Connect’ conference returning and taking place on October 28th, 2021. (Facebook Connect)
  • NVIDIA announced major expansion of its Omniverse Simulation and Collaboration platform. (Auganix)
  • NexTech AR launched new 3D AR advertising tech with Google Functionality. (Auganix)
  • TikTok parent company ByteDance acquired VR headset maker Pico Interactive. (UploadVR)
  • Facebook also launched a new VR meeting app with virtual desktops and up to 50 people. While the Facebook Horizon social app is still in invite only beta phase, Horizon Workplace can be accessed through the Oculus App. (Road to VR)
  • TikTok develops short video AR special effects tools for creators. (TheDeepNewsSource)
  • Snap adds AR lenses that turn celebrities into lip-syncing pop stars. (NextReality)


  • Infineon Technologies AG announced its new Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, comprising a MEMS mirror and MEMS driver. (Auganix)
  • Researchers at Facebook Reality Labs published new work showcasing a prototype headset which has external displays to depict the user’s eyes to others outside of the headset. (Road to VR)
  • DPVR announced that it has launched its new standalone VR headsets, the P1 Ultra 4K and P1 Pro Light, which DPVR states are both enterprise-focused devices. (Auganix)


  • Snap pushes more and more on AR by hiring Facebook Executive to lead AR partnerships. (Auganix)
  • NVIDIA, CloudXR and Google Cloud collaborate on Immersive Streaming. (VRFocus)
  • Inveris training solutions acquires SurviVR to expand its virtual reality and immersive training offering. (Auganix)
  • NexTech AR acquired AR Cloud 3D mapping company ARway. (Auganix)
  • Spatial launched on their biggest and most transformational updates. (LinkedIn)

XR Market


  • Thirdverse raised $20 million and named Gumi founder Hironao Kunimitsu as its CEO as he trades mobile gaming for virtual reality and the metaverse (VentureBeat)
  • Niantic acquired 3D scanning app Scaniverse. (Yahoo)
  • Mace Virtual Labs partnered with Uvisan to create safer, more hygienic VR and AR programs. (Yahoo)

Platforms & Tools

  • Valve’s VR headset kept enough revenue to place it among the 10 highest grossing products on Steam for 50 weeks running, nearly an entire year. (Road to VR)
  • Quest App Lab passed 500 apps, nearly doubling those on the main store. (Road to VR)
  • AXIS Motion-Tracking solution launched Kickstarter campaign. (VRFocus)
  • Rec Room raised $100 million from investors earlier this year as it competes with the likes of Roblox, VRChat, and Minecraft to enable a creative and playful space with all sorts of multiplayer worlds and activities to explore. (UploadVR)


  • ByondXR secured $7 Million seed funding to expand its 3D and AR virtual shopping offering for the e-commerce market. (Auganix)

Marketing & Advertising

  • Ryff has raised $11.7 million for its business of inserting brand advertisements into commercials, live broadcasts, and streams in real time using digital video and animation technology. (VentureBeat)
  • Tetavi closes $20 M venture round to help expand partnerships and grow its immersive content platform. (Auganix)

Training, Gaming & Entertainment

  • Thirdverse raised $20 million and named Gumi founder Hironao Kunimitsu as its CEO as he trades mobile gaming for virtual reality and the metaverse (VentureBeat)
  • XR startup StatusPRO has announced it has raised a $5.2 million seed investment. While the company hasn’t fully revealed its product, it says it’s using AR and VR to create immersive sports training and gaming experiences. (Road to VR)
  • AR startup Red 6 lands multimillion-dollar contract to support US Air Force training. (Next Reality)


  • Telehealth company Rey absorbed Oxford VR as it announced $10M in new funding. (Auganix)
  • Rendever receives $2M NIH Phase II grant to further research the impact of Virtual Reality on seniors. (Auganix)

XR Conversations

  • Voices of VR Podcast reached an impressive milestone; in the podcast’s 1,000th episode, host Kent Bye looks back at his conversations with members of the VR industry over the last seven years to parse where the modern era of VR started, where it is now, and where it’s headed. (Road to VR)
  • Lisa Peyton talked us through the momentum in the Metaverse. (AWE Blog)
  • The term ‘METAVERSE’ exploded in the mainstream and generated heated discussions on Twitter. (ARPost)

Launches & Announcements


  • WaveOptics announces strategic MicroLED display supplier partnership with Jade Bird Display for AR smart glasses. (Auganix)
  • Niantic recruited Oculus’ Dan Morris to run developer relations as it ramps third-party content. (VentureBeat)
  • Vuzix reports continued smart glasses growth in 2Q21. (Yahoo)
  • Ansys CTO sees simulation accelerating digital twins development. (VentureBeat)
  • Perfect corp. partners with AVON México on AR and AI-based sales. (AR.rocks)


  • Nanoport launched Titan Haptics with magnetic touch feedback. (VentureBeat)
  • Japanese glass manufacturing company NSG Group has been chosen by Mercedes-Benz AG to implement its augmented reality heads up display technology on the new Mercedes Benz S-Class model. (ar.rocks)
  • Leia launches its 3D Lume Pad android tablet. (VentureBeat)
  • PS5 VR headset will have HDR OLED display, AAA games, report says. (UploadVR)
  • Nanoport launches Titan Haptics with magnetic touch feedback. (VentureBeat)
  • Mojo Vision crams its contact lens with AR display, processor and wireless tech. (CNET)

Platforms & Tools

  • Golden triangle ventures and positron partnered to develop an immersive platform for live streaming concerts and VR events. (Auganix)
  • The Chromecast TV streaming lineup from Google allows AR to be viewed. (Next Reality)
  • Miiskin app adds AR for a new mole sizing feature. (AR.rocks)
  • Bisim’s Immersive Virtual Simulation tools to be utilized as part of a $179m US Army training contract. (Auganix)
  • Geenee launches its no-code WebAR platform allowing creators and brands to build augmented reality experiences in minutes. (Auganix)
  • Build mixed reality for Microsoft Edge with WebXR. (infoworld)
  • Reactive Reality launched a new AR shopping tool. (ARPost)
  • Taqtile announced enhanced digital twin capabilities to its manifest augmented reality work instruction platform. (Auganix)


  • Fisk University to use Virtual Reality laboratory developed by VictoryXR to teach biology students. (Auganix)
  • Kitten Planet, a spin-off company that grew up in Samsung's C-Lab incubator, has developed a connected toothbrush that teaches and motivates children to brush their teeth better via augmented reality while tracking their performance. (Next Reality)

Training, Gaming & Entertainment

  • Disney Wish will use special technology to make the entire trip a unique experience. (Fox Business)
  • Universal Pictures has launched a web-based AR experience named ‘Candyman’ that lets you engage in one of the film franchise's signature horror moments. (Next Reality)
  • Inveris training solutions acquires SurviVR to expand its virtual reality and immersive training offering. (Auganix)
  • Tilda Swinton narrates 'Goliath' VR film exploring mental illness. (Variety)
  • 'Sunday Night Football' was filmed on an industrial light & magic XR stage. (newscaststudio)

Marketing & Advertising

  • Jones Soda adds interactive AR labels to soda bottles. (AR.rocks)
  • Reebok launches AR tool to unlock neighborhood basketball courts. (VRscout)


  • OVR technology’s scent-based VR platform to be used by Ketamine One alongside its psychedelic treatments for mental health. (Auganix)
  • North-Star Care and Foretell Reality tackle substance abuse through remote experiences. (ARPost)
  • Broward health using Virtamed’s ‘laparos’ mixed reality surgical training simulator. (Auganix)
  • RealView receives FDA clearance for its ‘holoscope-i’ system for medical holograms. (Auganix)
  • Precisionos to provide sign fracture care with virtual reality orthopedic training for doctors in low-resource countries. (Auganix)
  • Curebase and AppliedVR partnered to run clinical trials to assess the effectiveness of VR-based therapy. (Auganix)

Social Impact

  • Philadelphia launches AR challenge to improve navigation of public transit. (StateTech Magazine)
  • Miranda Lambert launches AR dog-adoption experience on Instagram. (AR.rocks)
  • Augmented Reality challenge takes over Long Beach. (AR.rocks)
  • The IRS is getting into the AR game. (Next Reality)
  • Form launches workouts feature for smart swim AR goggles. (VentureBeat)
  • Virtual reality driver training project one of many awarded funding by Transport Canada to improve road safety. (Auganix)
  • 'Mondly VR' language learning app now on oculus quest. (VRscout)

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