7 Jan 2019 | Tom Emrich
AR+VR Weekly: 19 AR Trends for 2019, Nissan’s virtual passengers & Google’s gesture radar
AR/VR Weekly

Catch up on the latest XR highlights, funding news & launch announcements: Week of Jan 6


It’s been another busy week in AR+VR! In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the top AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are there three stories you need to know: 19 AR Trends for 2019, Nissan’s virtual passengers & Google’s gesture radar.

2019 will be filled with a TON of important achievements which will act as critical stepping stones in AR’s journey to become the life changing computing platform we all know it will be. As it is the new year, I took some time to reflect on 19 trends in augmented reality that I am keeping an eye on in 2019 and how they may play out this year.

Meanwhile, Nissan debuted concept technology called “I2V” or “Invisible-to-Visible” which among many things uses mixed reality in a number of applications including projecting 3D avatars within the vehicle to keep you company if you are lonely while driving.

Finally, Google’s Project Soli radar system which can enable gesture control for a number of platforms including wearables has gained FCC approval.

Funding News

Pokemon Go maker Niantic raises $190 million ahead of Harry Potter game release (CNBC)

Launch Announcements

Trimble Partners With Neurable, Brings BCI to AEC Customers (Nasdaq)

Vuzix starts selling its AR smart glasses for $1,000 (The Verge)

HTC Vive Officially Endorses the FinchShift 6-DoF Controller (VR Focus)

Crow: The Legend face filter lets you lip-sync with John Legend (Mobile Marketer)

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