10 Dec 2021 | Mike Boland
AWE Talks: Building an AR Stack
Augmented Reality

Welcome back to AWE Talks, our series that plucks the greatest hits from the vast AWE conference archive. And fortunately, we now have a fresh batch of session footage from AWE USA 2021 to draw from. And 2022's show will already be here in June. 

For this week's talk, we highlight Qualcomm XR lead Hugo Swart's keynote. Along with an ensemble cast of Qualcomm partners, he rolls out the latest release: Snapdragon Spaces. Among other things, this extends Qualcomm's place in the AR stack. 

See the full video below along with TLDR (or TLDW) quick-hit takeaways.

– Qualcomm's footing in the XR world is well established as its chips power 50+ AR & VR headsets.
– It's now doubling down on that position by moving further up the stack: a developer platform.
– Qualcomm Spaces will enable AR developers to build experiences for headworn endpoints (hardware agnostic). 
– It features object recognition, positional tracking, occlusion, plane detection, scene understanding, and spatial mapping.
– Some of these platform capabilities flow from Qualcomm's recent acquisition of Wikitude. 
– Though other platforms have such features, Qualcomm's advantage could be in its vertical integration.
– There are technological and practical advantages to deploying Spaces-built apps on Snapdragon-powered devices.
– Qualcomm meanwhile gains perspective as a platform player for a tighter feedback loop to improve its core chipsets. 
– Snapdragon Spaces also accelerates AR by introducing another enabling tool – and optionality – for developers.
– Pre-launch partners have already started building noteworthy AR experiences, including Epic Games and Felix & Paul.
– The platform will be broadly available this spring after Qualcomm refines it during a closed beta period. 

See the full discussion in the video below... 

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