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Monthly Spatial: January 2022
Monthly Spatial

Monthly Spatial

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January 2022 Highlights

Metaverse & NFTs

Platforms and Tools



Spatial Insights

  • What does this device’s holiday sales say about VR’s fate in 2022? (ARInsider)
  • How much revenue will immersive ad placement drive in 2022? (ARInsider)
  • What do regular folks think about the Metaverse? (ARInsider)
  • How long will the metaverse hype last? (ARInsider)

XR Market

Metaverse & NFTs

  • Microsoft to Acquire Activision Blizzard to Take On the Metaverse. (Microsoft)
  • VR/AR Investments Increase Just As Metaverse Talk Heats Up. (CrunchBase)
  • Social NFT Minting Platform, Dropp GG Raises $8M. (Auganix)


  • CareAR Announces Acquisition of MagicLens Will Extend Its Service Offering by Bundling Rich AR Content Created By MagicLens’ 3D Toolsets And Domain Expertise to Provide a Visual AR Experience for Industrial and Physical Products. (Auganix)
  • Apprentice.io Scores $100M Funding for AR Tech. (Fiercepharma)
  • South Korean VIRNECT, Company That Offers A Range Of Industrial XR Solutions from Remote Collaboration to Facility Digitalization And Monitoring Raises $30M in Series B funding. (Auganix)
  • Metaphysic, AI Startup Behind Tom Cruise Deepfakes, Raises $7.5M. (VentureBeat)

Platforms & Tools

  • VR Game Studio Alta Raises $12.4M to Further Develop Proprietary Content and IP, Expand the Team and Position the Game for New Platforms. (VentureBeat)


  • Mojo Vision Raises Additional $45M to Support Further Development of Mojo Lens, Its Early Stage Smart Contact Lens. (Road to VR)


  • AmazeVR Secures $15M to Bring Immersive Concerts to VR. (Road to VR)

Launches & Announcements

Metaverse & NFTs

  • Meta Plans to Fuse Its Metaverse Apps & Make Them More Accessible. (Road to VR)
  • PwC Enters Metaverse Race with Digital Land Purchase. (XR Today)
  • Alibaba Plans Metaverse Push with AR Smart Glasses.(XR Today)
  • Kippo 2.0 Pivots Gamer Dating App to the Metaverse. (VentureBeat)
  • South Korea Is Building Its Own K-Pop Metaverse. (VRScout)


  • Smart Contact Lens Company Mojo Vision Announces Partnerships with Several Fitness Brands. (Auganix)
  • Tony Xu, Co-Founder and CEO of DoorDash, Joins Meta’s Board of Directors. (Auganix)
  • TeamViewer and NSF Partner to Help Digitize the Food Industry with Augmented Reality Solution ‘EyeSucceed’. (Auganix)
  • Deloitte Launches Unlimited Reality Services. (Deloitte US)
  • Report: Apple’s First AR/VR Headset Faces Delays. (Ars Technica)
  • Meta Materials Joins LaSAR Alliance for Augmented Reality Wearable Devices. (META)
  • Nextech AR Solutions Joins Khronos Group as a Contributing Member. (Auganix)
  • Chinese Big Tech Firms Led by Tencent, Baidu Among World’s Top-Ranked Filers of VR, AR Patent Applications as Metaverse Interest Surges. (South China Morning Post)
  • Immersive Tech Announces Development Agreement with HTC to Further Develop Its Hyper-Immersive VR Technologies. (Auganix)
  • PTC and Schaeffler Announce Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Digital Transformation Roadmap. (Auganix)


  • ThirdEye Announces New ‘Razor MR Glasses’ Consumer Mixed Reality Device. (Auganix)
  • Panasonic Automotive Unveils Driveable AR HUD 2.0 with Patented Eye-Tracking System at CES 2022. (Auganix)
  • Phiar Technologies Working with Qualcomm to Transform Automotive Cockpits with Spatial AI-Powered AR HUD Navigation. (Auganix)
  • Panasonic Subsidiary Shiftall Unveils Lightweight MicroOLED VR Headset for Consumers. (Road to VR)
  • Vuzix Launches M400-C AR Smart Glasses. (XR Today)
  • CES 2022 Honors Kura Gallium AR Smart Glasses. (XR Today)
  • Ultraleap Launches Next-Gen Camera. (Ultraleap)
  • Linux-Based Standalone VR Headset Boasts PC Specs with a Price to Match, Kickstarter Coming Soon. (Road to VR)
  • Metalenz Unveils PolarEyes Sensors that are 1,000 Times Smaller than a Human Hair. (VentureBeat)
  • Meta's New Supercomputer Could Improve Its VR & AR Tracking. (UploadVR)
  • TriLite Trixel 3 Projection Display System for AR Glasses Demo at SPIE Photonics West. (Auganix)
  • Beyond Imagination and GelSight Announce Pilot Study Into Tactile Sensing in Robots Controlled Via Virtual Reality. (Auganix)


  • Cubism Passthrough Update Available Now For Quest Headsets. (UploadVR)
  • NVIDIA Omniverse is Now Freely Available to Creators. (VRFocus)
  • 8th Wall and Ericsson Emodo Partner to Enable Ad Solution that Embeds Interactive WebAR Content Directly Inside Ad Units. (Auganix)
  • Gleechi Announces Availability of its VirtualGrasp Technology to Enable Developers to Add More Natural Hand Interactions to VR Experiences. (Auganix)

Platforms, Tools & Services

  • Cavrnus Announces 2022.1.0 Release of Its Extended Reality Collaboration Platform. (Auganix)
  • Nextech AR Launches Shopify App For 3D Model Making. (Business Wire)
  • Viveport Launching NFT Marketplace Vive Bytes This Month. (VRScout)


  • Full Sail University To Create Virtual Production Studio. (ARPost)
  • University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Partner with GigXR to Create Mixed Reality Medical Simulation Training. (Auganix)

Training, Gaming & Entertainment

  • Sony teases Horizon: Call of the Mountain for PSVR 2. (VentureBeat)
  • Hitman 3's PC VR Support Arrived On January 20. (UploadVR)
  • nDreams reveals new Studio Elevation for AAA and VR titles. (VentureBeat)
  • Disney Patents “Virtual World Simulator” Which Is AR Without Headsets. (Boardwalk Times)
  • Sony Encourages Global Game Jam Participants to Embrace VR. (GMW3)


  • Rendever Announces Worldwide Availability of Its New ‘RendeverFit’ Virtual Reality Social Fitness and Wellbeing Platform for Seniors. (Auganix)
  • Crozer Health Becomes the First Hospital to Utilize ThirdEye’s Mixed Reality Smart Glasses and RespondEye Platform for First Responders. (Auganix)

Marketing, Advertising & Experiences

  • Nike Launches In-Store Activation that Invites Customers to Experience Sports in New Ways. (8th Wall)
  • BT Launches Exciting New Immersive Experience. (ar.rocks)
  • Meta Abandons Oculus Branding On Twitter. (UploadVR)
  • This VR/AR Art Exhibit Is Environmentally-Friendly. (VRScout)
  • Lost Recipes Review: Refreshing & Educational VR Cooking. (UploadVR)

Summaries & Forecasts

  • Reality Check with Tom Emrich: Looking Back at Augmented Reality in 2021. (LinkedIn)

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AWE Talks: Boeing Brings AR to Air Force One by Mike Boland

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