17 Feb 2023 | Mike Boland
AWE Talks: Building Out AR's Infrastructure
AWE USA 2022

Welcome back to AWE Talks, our series that revisits the most engaging content from AWE’s catalog of conference sessions. With an extensive library from AWE USA 2022, there's still plenty to dive into.

This week, we commemorate Mawari's recent funding round with its talk at AWE USA. Though AR's front end gets all the attention, we'll need lots of cloud compression and rendering to deliver it at scale. That's where Mawari comes in.

See the summarized takeaways below, along with the full session video. Stay tuned for more video highlights each week and check out the full library on awe.live and AWE’s YouTube Channel.

Luis Ramirez: CEO, Mawari
– Though the front end is sexier, back-end enabling tech will unlock AR in the real world.
– This goes for the AR cloud and the "real world metaverse" a la Niantic Lightship.
– For all that content to show up and render correctly, ample backend work is needed.
– One challenge in delivering geo-anchored AR experiences is data overload and latency.
– Delivering such large files requires more efficient delivery if it's to "just work" at scale.
– For example, 4.6 billion people use the internet, totaling 3 trillion gigabytes of data per year.
– When a lot of that is in 3D as it's purported to be, those data payloads will ramp up quickly.
– In that sense, we're at a point that's similar to the web before compression tech like .MP3
– The question is, what will be the MP3 for 3D spatial content, and how will it be delivered?
– The current render pipeline also isn't built for 3D, says Ramirez, requiring a new approach.
– For example, rather than downloading then rendering content, it could be flipped.
– To address this, Mawari renders content in the cloud, then delivers it to devices.
– This results in up to 100x bandwidth reduction and 60x device power savings.
– Altogether, smart and purpose-built infrastructure and compression tech is needed.

For more color from Ramirez, check out the full session below.

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