26 May 2023 | Mike Boland
AWE Talks: Get Ready for the Biggest XR Show on Earth
AWE USA 2023

Welcome back to AWE Talks, our series that revisits the most engaging content from AWE’s catalog of conference sessions. This week, we're doing something different. Rather than highlight past conference footage, we're looking forward to AWE AWE USA 2023, just five days away.

And to do that, this week's AWE Talks is a double feature. Embedded below is the AWE USA 2023 Trailer to get the juices flowing. And to provide more meat, we're also embedding Conference Chair Ori Inbar's appearance earlier this week on This Week In XR.

See the quick hit takeaways below, followed by the full episode. Hope to see you next week in Santa Clara.

– Next week, 5000+ spatial enthusiasts will gather in Santa Clara, CA.
– There will also be 400 speakers, 300 exhibitors, and 100K Sq ft, of expo space.
– But beyond all the big numbers, AWE is really about a vibe
– It's a gathering of common successes and challenges of the XR community.
– As stated on This Week in XR, we're all pushing a boulder up a hill... together. 
– Other event highlights will include the annual Auggie Awards. 
– This is a key moment to recognize and reward AR innovation. 
– The same can be said for the startup competition – always a blast. 
– This year, $100,000 is also being granted to XR efforts that fight climate change. 
– The spirit of AWE is also demonstrated in comped passes for laid-off XR workers.
– That will make the show floor an even greater networking environment than it is. 
– Another can't-miss moment is Ori Inbar's big keynote to kick things off.
– It will be a mix of humor, dazzle, insights, and energy to set the tone for the biggest XR show on earth. 

On that note, check out the videos below for more color and vibes AWE USA... 

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