31 May 2019 | AWE Team
Announcing the AWE 2019 Tenth Annual Auggie Award Winners
AWE USA 2019

AWE, the most essential AR & VR conference and expo according to Forbes, announced the winners of the tenth annual Auggie Awards. The annual Auggie Awards have been the most recognized industry AR & VR awards in the world since 2010. Now in its 10th year, the Auggies continue to showcase the best-of-the-best in spatial computing (AR & VR).

12 Auggie Awards were presented on stage at the Auggie Awards Ceremony yesterday at AWE USA 2019 in Santa Clara. 11 category winners were selected prior to the event as part of the official Auggie Award program, which saw over 250 nominations submitted and 66 finalists selected by public vote. These 66 finalists were then judged by a prestigious panel of experts in the spatial computing industry to determine the winners. The Startup to Watch award was determined by a panel of judges made up of top venture capitalists as part of the Startup Pitch Competition, which was held yesterday, May 30, at the conference and expo. The competition saw 17 startups from around the world pitch in front of the judges, who then selected the winner.

The 2019 Auggie Award Winners are:

Best Art or Film
Winner: The Navigator, Meow Wolf

Best Campaign
7-Elevent Always on AR by Zappar

Best Consumer App
Winner: NYTimes App by the NYTimes

Best Creator or Authoring Tool
Winner: Lens Studio 2.0 by Snap

Best Developer Tool
Winner: 8th Wall Web by 8th Wall

Best Enterprise Solution
Winner: Atheer AiR Platform by Atheer

Best Game or Toy
Winner: Create by Magic Leap

Best Headworn Device
Winner: RealWear HMT-1 by RealWear

Best Interaction Software Tool
Winner: Neurable DK1 by Neurable

Best Societal Impact (new category this year) presented by Virtual World Society
Winner: VR Medical Experiential Training by ORamaVR

Startup to Watch
Winner: Lexset.ai

Congratulations to all the winners. For more information on the Auggie Awards, visit www.awexr.com/usa-2019/auggie. For more information, including the videos of the winners, please visit https://auggies.awexr.com/gallery/DqZXaGnR . For more information on the Startup Pitch Competition, visit www.awexr.com/usa-2019/startup_pitch .

In addition to the 12 Auggie Awards, 4 Nextant Awards presented by the Virtual World Society were presented as part of the awards ceremony. This is the fourth year of the Nextant Awards, which honors rising stars and pioneers using AR and VR for the betterment of society. This year's Nextant Award winners included:

Nextant Spirit Award: Rylan J. Daniels - Student, Futurist and AR/VR Creator
Nextant Rising Star Award: Charity Everett - Research Fellow at MIT Open Documentary Lab

Nextant Legacy Award: Kathy Bisbee - Co-Founder/Director, Public VR Lab
Nextant Legacy Award: Dr. Hideyuki Tamura - Doctor of Engineering, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto

AWE will present 3 additional Auggie Awards - Best in Show AR, Best in Show VR, and the AWEsome Award, which honors a moonshot product or prototype that is straight out of Sci-Fi at the event Wrap-up Session at 4:00PM PST today, May 31, the final day of the show.

For more information on AWE USA 2019, which is taking place at the Santa Clara Convention Center from May 29-31, 2019, please visit www.awexr.com.

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