24 May 2024 | Mike Boland
AWE Talks: Can XR & AI Accelerate Human Evolution?
AWE EU 2023

Welcome back to AWE Talks, our series that revisits the best of AWE’s conference sessions. The past year has seen rich insights from AWE USA, AWE Asia, and AWE Europe. And AWE USA 2024 is just around the corner.

This week, we dive into some of the deeper anthropological angles of XR. How is it advancing our evolution as it evolves itself? And how is AI a force multiplier for the evolution of all the above. The Virtual World Society weighs in. 

See the summarized takeaways below, along with the full session video. Stay tuned for more video highlights each week and check out the full library on AWE’s YouTube Channel.

Alvin Graylin
Linda Ricci
Tom Furness
Angelina Dayton

– XR's role can be viewed in the context of human evolution and tool development.
– This takes on new light and is amplified by AI's force-multiplier effect. 
– Considering both technologies, humans have always been tool builders. 
– Those tools advance human capability, from fire to the industrial revolution.
– Ironically, human intellectual capacity hasn't changed much in millions of years.
– But we now have technology from millions of years of cumulative innovation 
– Now empowering us is the combination of intellect and all of that technology.
– With that backdrop, the question is how the pace of innovation in AI will factor in. 
– Again, our cognitive evolution has been gradual, while AI evolves in rapid cycles. 
– This will require the careful use and application of AI, and building guardrails. 
– But though it's dangerous, it should also be harnessed for its positive benefits. 
– Fire was (and is) a tool that can cause damage, but look how it's advanced us. 
– Similar can be said for many technologies and the spatial web is next on that list. 
– Add AI and the spatial web could evolve faster and in more intelligent ways.

For more examples and color from the panel, see the full session below...

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