14 Jun 2023 | Sam Sprigg
A look into XR’s future with AWE’s 2023 events and beyond
AWE USA 2023

It has been two whole weeks since the doors were opened for AWE USA 2023 in Santa Clara for the world's largest XR community gathering. This year's event exceeded all expectations, captivating attendees with cutting-edge technologies and awe-inspiring experiences from across the AR and VR space, and solidifying the incredibly strong sense of community and belonging that AWE has established and maintained over the years.

As we bid a fond farewell to Santa Clara, which has been AWE’s home for the last 14 years, we are now eagerly looking ahead to our upcoming events in Singapore and Vienna, as well as the exciting move to Long Beach in 2024.

With Apple officially joining the XR industry, it feels like the AR and VR industry is now on the cusp of a revolution, and AWE is going to continue to act as a driving force behind its evolution. Although our home may be moving, AWE remains committed to its goal of being the home of the XR community, where together, we’ll shape the world of XR, one extraordinary event at a time.

AWE USA 2023: A spectacular success

This year's AWE USA event proved to be our biggest and best yet, and the Santa Clara Convention Center was once again packed with an excited crowd made up of industry professionals, technology enthusiasts, thought leaders and the best companies operating in the AR and VR industry today. From the moment attendees entered the expo floor, they were greeted with a visual feast of futuristic booths, mind-bending experiences, and groundbreaking technological innovations. You can revisit some of the main highlights from the event in our Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 blog posts.

The power of community

One thing that countless attendees have stated over the years, and continued to reiterate at this year’s event, is the fact that AWE sets itself apart thanks to the incredible sense of community, enthusiasm, and energy that permeates every aspect of the event. AWE is truly seen as a homecoming for the entire XR community each year, and acts as a central hub and gathering opportunity for all of the passionate individuals and companies that make up the entire XR industry, providing them with a time and a place to come together to share their ideas, forge meaningful connections, and educate and inspire one another.

This year was no different, and the vibrant discussions, insightful talks, and collaborative spirit felt throughout AWE USA 2023 helped to reaffirm to everyone that the XR community is united in its pursuit of pushing boundaries and shaping the future.

As the XR industry grows, so too does AWE

With pushing boundaries and looking towards the future in mind, the event was also a testament to the unstoppable growth and boundless possibilities of XR technology. With the dozens of announcements made at the event, plus the huge news made shortly after AWE USA 2023 took place that Apple has now stepped into the XR ring with the launch of its Apple Vision Pro headset, it is clear that the XR industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Therefore, it is only fitting that AWE itself expands to accommodate this ever-increasing demand for XR technology.

As a result, for AWE USA 2024 we will be moving to Long Beach, California. The exciting move signifies AWE’s commitment to providing an even more immersive and expansive experience for attendees, and will provide an awesome new space and setting to celebrate the 15th anniversary of AWE.

Upcoming AWE events on the horizon

With planning already underway for next year’s AWE USA event, there are still plenty of opportunities left in 2023 for the XR community to connect, learn, and grow at upcoming AWE events. Namely, we still have two other amazing AR and VR industry events on the calendar that you don’t want to miss.

First up will be AWE Asia, which is taking place in Singapore, from August 30-31. This event promises to be a convergence of innovation and forward-thinking minds that will showcase some of the incredible speakers and exhibitors operating in the XR space from across the Asia-Pacific region. There are still some opportunities left for individuals and companies looking to speak and exhibit at the event too, so if you’re interested in being a part of one of the most exciting AR/VR events in Asia this year, hit the button below.

Join AWE Asia

Following AWE Asia will be AWE EU, which will be happening in the gorgeous Austrian capital of Vienna, from October 24-25. Once again, AWE EU will provide the European XR community with another perfect opportunity to connect with peers from across the continent, bringing together the brightest XR pioneers from Europe and beyond. Again, there is still time to secure your spot as an exhibitor at this year’s event. There is also an active call for individuals interested in speaking at this year’s EU event. So make sure you mark your calendars and join us as we continue to work towards revolutionizing the XR landscape across the globe.


On-demand access to AWE 2023 content

We understand that not everyone could attend AWE USA 2023 in person this time around, and for those of you who missed out on the fun in person this year, we've still got you covered! All of the brilliant talks, panel discussions, fireside chats, and presentations from this year's event are now available for streaming on the official AWE YouTube channel.

Super Sale Alert: AWE USA 2024

For those of you who just can’t wait to secure your spot at next year’s event in Long Beach, there is currently a super sale on AWE USA 2024 tickets. For a limited time, you can secure your spot at the biggest XR event of the year for the fantastically low price of just $395, instead of $1,295 – that’s a saving of $900! Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of the next chapter in XR innovation.

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With the resounding success that was AWE USA 2023, we cannot wait to build on the enthusiasm that there is for XR right now. We will continue on with our mission to showcase the limitless potential of XR technology, as well as foster the growth of AR and VR communities around the globe, with our global XR events and gatherings continuing to act as the beating heart of the industry.

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