29 May 2024 | Sam Sprigg
AWE 2024 Auggie Awards Finalists
AWE USA 2024 Auggie Awards

The finalists for the 2024 Auggie Awards competition have been announced! For our 15th anniversary year, we surpassed all figures from previous years and received a new record number of nominations. Plus, with the addition of four new categories, it truly makes this year our biggest Auggie Awards competition ever!

The Auggie Awards (aka “The Auggies”) have been the most recognized AR & VR industry awards in the world since 2010. Now in their 15th year, the Auggies continue to showcase the best of the best in augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

We are excited to share this year's finalists, but also want to celebrate every single one of the innovative solutions that were submitted. Thanks too goes out to anyone who voted, as it is your votes that help to determine which entries are put in front of AWE’s expert panel of impartial judges. The judges will now assess each entry based on quality, impact, and overall user experience.


Winning an Auggie Award acknowledges an organization's (or individual's) dedication and innovation, and also helps to promotes their XR solutions to a broader audience. The heightened visibility that comes with winning an award, or even just from reaching the final round, can help to spotlight a company's AR/VR product or solution, and capture the attention of industry leaders, as well as potential customers, users and investors.

For those that didn’t make the finals this year, there is still an opportunity to be in with a chance of claiming an Auggie Award, as there are additional categories that are only chosen during the AWE USA event itself. These include a ‘Best in Show’ category, as well as the title of ‘Start-Up to Watch,’ which is awarded to the winner of AWE’s Start-Up Pitch Competition. Finally, there is the ‘AWEsome Award,’ which can be awarded for anything from a spectacular exhibitor booth or Playground experience, to an incredible presentation or talk that blows the judges away whilst at the event. 

Congratulations to all the finalists, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who submitted nominations this year and to those who voted for their favorite entries. You can view the finalist gallery for the 2024 Auggie Awards competition here.

Last year's winners

Categories and Finalists

This year there are a total of 19 categories. Finalists for each category are as follows: 

  1. Best Art or Film
    Assimilating XR – Mawari
    CUT, CRUSH, DECAY: A Mixed Reality Dance Installation – Future Arts
    IMMOTION’s The Great Migration - An Immersive 360º VR Documentary – IMMOTION
    JFK Memento: An Immersive Chronicle of the Assassination – TARGO
    Power of XR: See Tomorrow Today – Hololight
    Privacy Lost – Privacy Lost (Film Project)
    The Bognor Regis Time Portal – Xray
    Virtual Gallery – AREYES Studio

  2. Best Campaign
    Dulcis in Agro: the carousel of taste – Viewtoo
    Hennessy 50 years of Hip Hop – Simone Ltd
    LEGOLAND 2024 – Studio Z by Zappar
    MIRAI HANABI powered by STYLY – STYLY, Inc. and J. Front Retailing Co. Ltd.
    New Messi Chicken Sandwich x Hard Rock Café – CamOn XR
    Snickers Super Bowl Rookie Mistake - AR Campaign – Blippar

  3. Best Climate Change Solution
    Planet vs. Plastics by Imvizar & Grant Thornton Ireland – Imvizar & Grant Thornton Ireland
    Proto Hologram: Replacing Jet Travel by Beaming There – Proto Inc.
    Rising Together: Stories of resilience in a changing climate – Virtual Planet do Brasil
    SAMARitan – HENSOLDT Sensors
    Sketches of Sensorium for the World Ocean – Virtual Planet Technologies LLC
    VRClimate – Community Innovation Hub

  4. Best Collaboration Tool
    Campfire – Campfire
    Hololight Space – Hololight
    Mesh in Teams by Microsoft – Microsoft
    RAUM – RAUM virtual collaboration GmbH
    VIVERSE for Business – VIVERSE
    Webex Hologram – Cisco

  5. Best Consumer App
    FitXR – FitXR
    Lowe’s Style Studio for Apple Vision Pro – Lowe’s Innovation Labs, Lowe’s
    Pillow – Pillow
    Shader – Shader Inc.
    STYLY Mobile – STYLY, Inc.
    SunnyTune: Sensory Weather App – MESON, inc.
    weR Shopper – weR

  6. Best Content Creator(s)
    Between Realities – Between Realities
    Getting Things Dun with JDun and JoyReign – Onyx Leaf Media, LLC
    Lenslist – Lenslist
    Lucas Rizzotto – Lucas Builds The Future
    XReality Pro – XReality Pro

  7. Best Creator & Authoring Tool
    8th Wall – Niantic
    Arkio – Arkio
    Onirix Spatial AR – Onirix
    Shapelab – Leopoly
    STYLY Studio – STYLY, Inc.

  8. Best Developer Tool
    8th Wall’s Metaversal Deployment – Niantic
    Build Your Own Reality – Sisu VR
    Lens Studio – Snap AR
    Onirix Studio & SDK – Onirix
    XRDriver by GameDriver – XRDriver by GameDriver

  9. Best Education & Training Solution
    BG Experience™ – BG Products, inc.
    Empower Now Program – Sisu VR
    Hyper-realistic Safety Training System (immerseLearn) – Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
    Immersive Onboarding L’Oréal – CamOn XR
    The Largest Education VR Deployment Ever – Holopundits and Kentucky Department of Education
    Virtual Reality at Pfizer - ”Upskilling and Training Using Pfizerverse” – Pfizer

  10. Best Enterprise Solution
    Campfire – Campfire
    echo3D – echo3D
    Lenovo AR Self-Repair Guidance – Lenovo
    Morita Digital Solution XR powered by STYLY – J. Morita Corporation and STYLY, Inc.
    Trimble® SiteVision® – Trimble
    XRDriver by GameDriver – XRDriver by GameDriver
    XR Guru 3C Enterprise Solution – Holopundits

  11. Best Game or Toy
    Arizona Sunshine 2 – Vertigo Games
    Game Room – Resolution Games
    Ghosts of Tabor – Combat Waffle Studios
    Grokit – 3lb Games Inc.
    I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine – Schell Games
    Kluest – Sons of a Bit Entertainment
    Mirrorscape – Mirrorscape
    Peridot/Niantic – Peridot/Niantic
    The 7th Guest VR – Vertigo Games
    The Fantastics Palastics – The Brand Father / Orb Amsterdam

  12. Best Headworn Device
    AjnaXR Pro – AjnaLens by Dimension NXG Pvt Ltd
    METALENSE 2 – P&C Solution
    Meta Quest 3 – Meta
    PICO 4 Enterprise – PICO
    Varjo XR-4 – Varjo
    Vuzix Z100 smart glasses – Vuzix
    XREAL Air 2 Pro – XREAL
    Zapbox - transform your iPhone into an XR headset – Zappar

  13. Best Healthcare & Wellness Solution
    American Heart Association’s Hands-Only CPR VR – American Heart Association
    Bascom Palemer BPEIverse – University of Miami Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
    Elevating Healthcare Training through Immersive VR – FundamentalVR
    Soul Paint – Soul Paint
    XR Mental Health Exposure Therapy for the Global Impact – Lucid Reality Labs
    XR Platform for Clinical Collaborations – AstraZeneca & EPAM Systems

  14. Best Indie Creator(s)
    3lb Games – 3lb Games
    Combat Waffle Studios – Combat Waffle Studios
    CUT, CRUSH, DECAY: A Mixed Reality Dance Installation – Future Arts
    DB Creations – DB Creations
    Noun Town VR Language Learning – Noun Town

  15. Best Interaction Product
    AG-30L2 light engine – Avegant Corp.
    HTC VIVE Ultimate Tracker – HTC VIVE
    Infinite Kitchen Touch – Lowe’s Innovation Labs, Lowe’s
    Leap Motion Controller 2 from Ultraleap – Ultraleap
    PersonalSpace: 4DX on the Go – The2H
    SenseGlove Nova 2 – SenseGlove
    WowMouse App – Doublepoint
    XREAL Air 2 Ultra Dev Kit with AR Markers – XREAL

  16. Best Location-Based Entertainment
    AC Milan AR Fan Cam – Viewtoo
    Carlichauns Adventure Trail by Imvizar – Imvizar
    Japantown Geospatial for Paper Tree Origami – Rock Paper Reality
    LEGOLAND 2024 – Studio Z by Zappar
    LegendARy – Nomtek Sp. z o. o.
    The Fantastics Palastics – The Brand Father / Orb Amsterdam

  17. Best Societal Impact
    Active Shooter Preparedness Training – Sisu VR
    BEN: The Binaural Experience Navigator – Benvision Inc
    LGBTQ+ VR Museum – DiVRse Technologies Ltd
    Soul Paint – Soul Paint
    Thámien Ohlone AR Tour – Santa Clara University + Muwekma Ohlone Tribe
    TouchKEY+ Multisensory Station – WEART

  18. Best Use of AI
    AI and Augmented Reality at Pfizer - ”Manufacturing AR Co-Pilot” – Pfizer
    MetaMe – NTT DOCOMO, INC.
    Peridot/Niantic – Peridot/Niantic
    VIVERSE for Business – VIVERSE
    XRCopilot – Hevolus

  19. Best Web3 Implementation
    Arcona XR Metaverse – Arcona
    Atlas Space Metaverse Platform – ATLAS SPACE
    Byten21 Immersive Web VR – Byten21

- - -

The amazing thing about the Auggie Awards is that the competition is open to anyone, from the largest players in the spatial computing world, to individual augmented and virtual reality developers and creators. The Auggies provide everyone with a platform to earn some much deserved attention and recognition for their hard work across the XR space over the past year.

As well as being crowned winner of their respective category, winners will also receive their very own Auggie Award trophy, a highly-coveted, one of a kind piece of art created by artist Sigal Arad Inbar.

The winners of the 2024 Auggie Awards will be announced on the Main Stage on June 19th at AWE 2024 in Long Beach, California, where we'll also be honoring the inaugural group of 101 inductees to the AWE XR Hall of Fame. Make sure that you are there to witness the winners receive their awards on stage at what will be the largest XR community gathering of the year. 
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