5 Jun 2024 | Sam Sprigg
10 Reasons to Get Excited for the Expo Floor at AWE USA 2024
AWE USA 2024

AWE USA 2024 is just around the corner, and this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever. For our 15th anniversary event, we are expecting more than 6,500 augmented and virtual reality professionals and enthusiasts to attend, making it the world’s largest AR/VR gathering! 

A huge part of every AWE event, whether in the USA, Europe, or Asia, is the Expo Floor. It's the main focal point where attendees gather to try out the latest technologies, witness groundbreaking spatial computing innovations, and connect with peers, technology innovators and industry leaders.

But, it’s not just about seeing what's new in the world of AR and VR—it's about engaging with the advancements shaping the future of the XR industry as a whole. Offering a dynamic space where professionals and enthusiasts alike can network, share ideas, and learn from the best in the field, the Expo Floor is often a highlight of each AWE event for many attendees. So, whether you're looking to discover cutting-edge solutions for your business or simply explore the latest in AR and VR, the Expo Floor is where it all happens.

Here's a sneak peek at 10 must-see exhibitors who will be showcasing their latest advancements in XR at AWE USA this year:


Qualcomm has been a part of AWE since the beginning, and has been with us on our incredible journey to this milestone 15th year. Qualcomm continues to lead the charge in XR technology with their Snapdragon XR platforms and their booth will once again provide insights into the latest advancements in XR chipsets that are powering the next generation of immersive experiences. Whether you're interested in mobile VR, standalone headsets, or AR glasses, Qualcomm's technology is at the heart of it all.


Meta, one of the companies that has been leading the metaverse charge over the past few years and makers of the popular Quest line of headsets, will be showcasing their latest AR and VR hardware and software innovations at AWE this year. Attendees can expect to see demos of new features and experiences that push the boundaries of what's possible in virtual and augmented reality. Meta’s presence is always a highlight, offering a glimpse into the future of social VR, immersive gaming, XR-enabling tech such as AI, and much more.


While not technically on the Expo Floor this year, Niantic will nonetheless be at the event showcasing their incredible augmented reality technology. Located in a prime spot on the main level outside of the track rooms 101-103, the Niantic Lounge will be a must-visit. Known for creating world-famous AR games like Pokémon GO, Niantic's work in expanding the boundaries of augmented reality gaming and experiences has helped bring AR experiences to the masses. Their lounge promises to be a hotspot for networking with fellow AR enthusiasts.


Having just recently unveiled their Spacetop G1 “headless AR laptop,” Sightful will be showcasing their impressive augmented reality solutions at AWE for a second year in a row. Sightful specializes in advanced optics and display systems for AR and VR, and the company's booth will hopefully provide attendees with hands-on demos of Sightful's first commercially available product. Be sure to stop by and see how they are enhancing visual clarity and creating more immersive environments for users. 

Infinite Rabbit Holes

Spearheaded by innovative minds from Disney, Warner Brothers, and more, Infinite Rabbit Holes creates immersive, story-driven mixed reality experiences. By pushing the boundaries of gaming, they empower players to shape their experiences across digital and physical worlds. With proprietary AR and 3D board game components, Infinite Rabbit Holes delivers multi-layered adventures with interactive tech overlays, animated and live-action scenes, and clever surprises. Their booth will no doubt be one to visit for anyone interested in the next wave of digital storytelling and immersive media.


Freeaim is innovating XR input with their VR Shoes, offering natural movement across infinite distances in small spaces. Designed for gaming, training, and healthcare, the shoes feature haptic and kinetic feedback, and foot tracking. Lightweight and comfortable, they’re compatible with most VR headsets. For anyone intrigued by cutting-edge digital interaction and immersive tech, this is one you'll definitely want to check out.


Ultraleap’s hand tracking and haptic feedback technology is a game-changer for immersive experiences, enabling natural and intuitive interactions in XR. Their latest innovation, Hyperion, revolutionizes human-machine interactions with precise microgestures, superior hand tracking, and flexible performance modes. It also supports object tracking and provides access to the Leap Motion Controller 2 camera. For those creating next-gen immersive experiences, stop by booth 617 to get hands-on with Hyperion.

Tap Systems

Tap Systems is looking to solve the critical issue of text input in virtual and augmented reality systems. The company is revolutionizing XR input with their Tap Strap wearable keyboard and mouse, making interaction seamless and efficient. When it comes to VR/AR text input, Tap is fast, accurate, portable, and eyes-free. It supports complex text input with intuitive gestures and is compatible with all BLE devices. Users can Tap on any surface, at any angle, offering a glimpse into the future of wearable tech.

Looking Glass Factory

Looking Glass Factory is pioneering holographic displays. They launched their first desktop holographic display dev kit in 2018, their 8K light field display in 2019, and the Looking Glass Portrait in 2020. Their recently announced 16" and 32" Spatial Displays offer group XR immersion without the need for a headset. Visit their booth to explore the future of 3D visualization and discover how their technology is changing the way in which we view and interact with digital content.


Unity, the powerhouse behind many of the world’s top XR experiences, will be demonstrating their latest tools and platforms. Discover how XR and immersive experiences built with Unity are helping businesses unify the product lifecycle and transform customer relationships. Attendees can learn about the newest features in Unity's development engine that enable creators to build more immersive and interactive experiences. Visit booth 442 to see it in action.

The AWE Playground

No AWE event would be complete without the AWE Playground, a dynamic area dedicated to hands-on demos and interactive experiences. This year’s Playground promises to be more exciting than ever, featuring cutting-edge XR technology from world-renowned organizations. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, the AWE Playground offers something for everyone. From full-body VR experiences to the latest in AR applications, it’s the perfect place to explore the fun side of immersive technology.

Insights from Nate Harper

Nate Harper, AWE's Director of Global Business Development, recently shared his thoughts on this year’s expo:

"The expo floor at AWE USA 2024 is the only place where you can find the top innovators in the XR space, all under one roof. This year is going to be best exhibit hall at AWE yet, and we've got an incredible lineup of exhibitors who are redefining what's possible in AR and VR. This is your chance to see the industry's most impressive tech up close and meet the innovators who are making it happen. We've got some really exciting companies attending and sponsoring this year, who will be showcasing some incredible XR tech that you won't want to miss."

If you are not yet exhibiting at AWE USA 2024 but would be interested in having a booth to showcase your AR/VR products and solutions on the expo floor, please reach out to Nate Harper.

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