18 Jan 2024 | Sam Sprigg
AWE at CES 2024 – a list of XR companies at the event

AWE team members were at CES 2024 last week to scout out many of the event’s virtual, augmented and mixed reality devices and offerings on display. From the inspirational to the novel, CES was packed with a range of technology and consumer electronics products.

We’ve done our best to cut through the noise of an event that has literally thousands of exhibitors from all industries to just show you those companies that were showcasing their XR products. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but is a collection of all the companies that we witnessed whilst attending the Las Vegas-based conference.

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

5Discovery offers a realistic VR program for soft skills training.

Addoptics creates prescription AR lenses that fit perfectly into everyday smart glasses.

Enabling touch for the spatial computing era with wearables that enable seamless tactile experiences between the digital and physical worlds.

AR Genie
AR Genie is revolutionizing Operations and Support by seamlessly integrating Augmented Reality (AR) with the power of the Large Language Model (L.L.M.) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company offers a range of remote assistance solutions.

ARty creates technology for building and experiencing paper-based augmented reality all the way from recognition to implementation that is compatible with a variety of devices and cameras.

AVES Reality
AVES Reality combines satellite images with artificial intelligence and advanced video game technology to create 3D content at scale. With their AI models the company aims to understand the surface of the earth and then translate those insights into a geo-referenced, photorealistic 3D map.

BavAR[t] offers a location-based AR gaming platform that allows users to capture artworks in AR near the player, all in a Pokémon GO-style app.

Brelyon is an MIT spin-off introducing the first-ever, headset-free virtual display for gaming, entertainment, and enterprise applications. The technology uses novel physics with optical and computational techniques to create true depth and panorama, replicating a cinema-like experience in a 32” monitor form factor.

Canon Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leader in the fields of professional and consumer imaging equipment, industrial equipment and information systems. At CES this year, Canon was showcasing its Kokomo immersive virtual reality software that connects people in lifelike 3D environments with live-captured full-body view.

Cellico is a high-tech startup that has developed an electronic eye (artificial retina) for the visually impaired. The company also produces wearable smart glasses for those facing gradual vision loss, helping them regain their vision using augmented reality technology.

Copresence offers a digital avatar solution for the connected world. The Swiss-tech company’s powerful AI and software platform lets users generate a 3D version of themselves using just a smartphone, for use virtually everywhere. The company’s industry-leading technology offers the gaming, VR/AR and video conferencing industries the perfect solution for photorealistic 3D avatar creation.

Coreod Space
Coreod Space specializes in e-Mental Health, offering digital therapies based on studies carried out at the Space Neuropsychology Lab (LIRNAS). Their mobile, VR and Metaverse applications respond to identified needs to support people in their daily lives.

DEEP.FINE pioneers smart glass software, simplifying future spatial information creation. The company offers a range of solutions, from smart glasses to XR, VPS, Spatial Computing, Vision AI, and beyond.

Digisonic offers a next-generation audio platform for the metaverse and has developed an innovative stereophonic sound algorithm for 3D spatial audio.

Doublepoint provides future computing platforms more intuitive, robust and versatile interactions. Through their Doublepoint Kit, they offer a complete developer solution to easily evaluate and integrate touch-based micro-gestures into AR/VR, IoT and Smartwatch offerings.

DPVR is a virtual reality headset designer and manufacturer that makes a range of cutting edge VR wireless and PC tethered headsets for gaming, training and education.

EmdoorVR is the dedicated virtual reality division of Emdoor Info. The company concentrates on R&D and the provision of XR products geared towards near-eye displays, 3D visuals, and spatial computing. Through strategic partnerships with key industry players, including Qualcomm, the company has launched and distributed a range of XR/AR/MR products. You might also have seen the company's Vision Pro lookalike headset circulating on social media too.

Globepoint Inc. / VRWARE
Globepoint is creating a virtual world of connected content through its VRWARE open world solution. The company offers a range of educational platforms that incorporate VR and metaverse technology to teach children.

holoconnects are experts in the field of holographic illusions and hologram technology in the Netherlands. They offer hologram solutions for (remote) staffing, sustainability, interactive activations/initiatives, the metaverse and much more with their Holobox and Holobox Mini products.

Inersio transforms customer experiences using AR, VR and AI. Their technologies enable direct commitment between the brand and the consumer. From human avatars to interactive animations, each personalized experience from Inersio maximizes a brand’s impact.

INTERACT implements high-quality 3D graphics in educational and training environments that are difficult to build realistically based on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), extended reality (XR) and multi-access network technologies. The company develops and supplies educational training systems to various fields including firefighting, military, police, safety and more.

Leia Inc.
Leia Inc. is the leading provider of Lightfield hardware and content services. Lightfield is a new visual medium that lets users experience imagery with complex light effects, such as textures and sparkles, as well as 3D depth and look-around.

LetinAR develops an optical system for AR smart glasses, which plays the same role as smartphone displays. The optical system consists of LetinAR’s self-developed “Pin Mirror lens” and a microdisplay made by external partners.

LBS Tech - G-EYE
G-EYE is a smart city navigation system for the visually impaired that provides users with access to route guidance and information about locations they want to visit.

Lighthouse Tech
Pioneering smart eyewear for blind and vision impaired people. The company’s smart eyewear frame helps people living with low vision and blindness get outside with confidence.

machineMD combines Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to empower ophthalmologists and neurologists with reliable measurements of eye and pupil movements.

May is the only manufacturing & production company for 4K LCoS panels in Korea, which have applications across AR/VR HMDs, 4K projects and holographic EV kits.

MetaVu solves industrial problems through XR-based solutions. The company offers a range of products across its XR metaverse platform, which includes remote assistance, spatial data visualization, immersive training solutions, XR guides, AR content creators and viewers, and digital twins.

Microtube Technologies
Microtube is a deep-tech spin-off focusing on the development and applications of sensors and actuators for gaming, healthcare, and metaverse interactions. The company’s wearable tech provides a seamless Human Digital Interface for fitness, gaming and virtual reality applications.

MYW Technology
MYW makes AR glasses that are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows systems. The glasses allow for real-time translation of up to 50 languages, include an integrated teleprompter and allow users to listen to music via built-in speakers.

nanoAR makes a transparent projection display that converts clear mediums like glass and acrylic into vibrant, high-definition full color displays.

NOLO is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, production, manufacturing and sales in the VR/AR field. The company offers a range of VR headsets and tracking solutions.

Nursing XR
Nursing XR provides immersive nursing education services within an AI-based emotional communication environment. The core of their service is implementing a hybrid hands-on training environment that combines online and offline training by utilizing various XR technologies.

Ostloong - LYRA Smart AR Glasses
LYRA is an all-in-one, high-performance eyewear that combine augmented reality and AI with core features such as translation (text-text, voice-text), GPS and AI assistance and are designed for office activities, city life and travel.

Palmplug creates multi-sensory wearables that enhance human interaction. Their technology combines hand tracking, haptic feedback, and visual cues to deliver immersive experiences for applications looking to go beyond the screen (we also set the high score on their booth’s hand tracking game).

Pimax manufactures ultra-wide field of view VR headsets and high-end VR equipment, with high-resolution, high refresh rate, and large FOV. Its products include the 8KX, Crystal, Portal, and the upcoming 12K headset.

RebuilderAI provides next-generation 3D AI vision technology, that includes 3D asset optimization and editing solutions 3D scanning and model creation through its AI-powered VRIN 3D mobile scanner platform.

Resight is building a visual index of the world, linking users, apps, and augmented reality content to physical locations. Resight’s platform automatically takes care of the pain points in creating persistent augmented reality apps, meaning developers do not need to know where an app is going to be used beforehand.

SHARP was showcasing its XR concept lineup at CES this year, which includes VR Glass and MR Glass prototypes, which will be launching in summer 2024.

Shiftall Inc. is a Panasonic group company that continues to create VR-related products that make life in the virtual world more convenient and fun, including VR headsets, full body tracking devices, and soundproof microphones for voice chat and conference calls.

Sidewalk Entertainment
Sidewalk Entertainment specializes in real-time motion tracking AI technology and has launched STEPIN, a social platform that combines K-pop dance with gaming through the power of AI technology.

Smart Landscape Systemz
Smart Landscape Systemz' ROUTi-AR tool is an advanced AR solution designed to streamline the MEP construction and shop drawing creation process. The company’s solution is capable of identifying potential problems that may arise during the installation of equipment and piping, while also identifying the most efficient piping route.

SocialDream and DREAMSENS
SocialDream explores the impact of Virtual Reality on physical and mental health and is a developer of VR solutions for vulnerable people. The company makes the DREAMSENS multi-sensory immersive headset, aimed at medical and entertainment use cases.

Sony had a solid presence at CES this year, showcasing more XR devices alongside its other lines of consumer electronics. PS VR2 experiences were prevalent throughout the event, plus, Sony was showcasing its new XR headset aimed at spatial content creators. The company also had a Ghostbusters-themed experience that included a CAVE-style setup, with haptic floor panels and immersive interactive video.

Superba AR
Superba creates large-scale Augmented Reality & Generative AI experiences & applications, such as AR at stadium scale for sports teams and brands experiences or location AR for world scale projects from real estate and architecture to film/tv and events.

TechVillage - RehabWare Stroke
RehabWare Stroke from TechVillage is an XR digital therapeutic that helps stroke patients in the recovery of motor and cognitive functions.

The2H - Personal Space
PersonalSpace is a wearable compact device specifically designed and architected to deliver 4DX experience with several sensory features simulating heat, cold, wind and even tickling. In real-time sync with the flow of scenes and events on movie, game or any media content, PersonalSpace provides a fully interactive experience allowing viewers to be much more immersed in their entertainment.

TCL is a leading global tech brand in display panels, TVs, home comfort and mobile devices. As far as XR goes, the company offers its RayNeo line of AR smart glasses and was showcasing its RayNeo X2 device at CES this year. The X2 comes with a host of features, including an AI assistant, face tracking, dialogue translation, 3D interactive navigation, first person view photography and filming, and much more.

TranscribeGlass offers affordable real-time captioning glasses that show closed captions from any source on a transparent display in a user’s field of vision. Their comfortable wearable assistive technology device is aimed at d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing, elderly, and other people who want to improve their comprehension of spoken communication using captions.

Ultraleap’s world-leading hand tracking technology tracks your hand in 3D space and allows you to interact with digital content. Our haptics technology uses ultrasound to add the sense of touch in mid-air. Separately or together, these technologies enable touchless and clean 3D interaction that is applicable to a range of industries, including extended reality (VR & AR), digital signage, kiosks, automotive, industrial automation, consumer electronics, and entertainment.

Vuzix is a leading supplier of Smart-Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and products for defense, industrial and enterprise markets. The Company's products include personal display and wearable computing devices that offer users a portable high-quality viewing experience, provide solutions for mobility, wearable displays and virtual and augmented reality. Vuzix also offers a suite of OEM optical components including industry leading waveguides and display engine technology.

VRD Studio
VRD Studio offers a bespoke premium experience to meet corporate challenges with their expertise in immersive creation and product enhancement.

Ximira is developing a wearable system, PHINIX (Perceptive Helper with Intelligent Navigation and Intuitive eXperience), that allows people who are blind to walk safely and freely. PHINIX uses AI cameras to visualize the environment in three-dimensions, analyze the scene using Artificial Intelligence (AI), and communicate with the user using audio and/or haptic feedback.

XREAL is a provider of AR smart glasses, optical displays, and other visual-related technology, such as spatial positioning and scene recognition. The company was showcasing their XREAL Air 2 line of smart glasses at CES this year, with some very cool augmented reality demos on their booth.

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