20 May 2024 | Nathan C Bowser
AWE USA 2024 Announces XRAI as Official AI Accessibility Partner
AWE USA 2024 News

May 20, 2024 Long Beach, California – Leading global spatial computing event, Augmented World Expo (AWE) is thrilled to announce a partnership with XRAI to caption and transcribe all 9 stages at the 15th anniversary AWE USA 2024.
AWE has partnered with XRAI to make their entire conference content more accessible to everyone for the first time ever. The AR and VR technology conference will be using the XRAI platform to provide AI-powered subtitles in over 75+ languages, for all 9 conference stages at the global XR event, taking place June 18-20 in Long Beach, California

Official AI Accessibility Partner XRAI to Caption All 9 Stages At AWE USA 2024

Using the flagship XRAI Glass app on their mobile phones (iOS and Android), or using a pair of compatible smart glasses, AWE guests can read an AI-transcribed feed from the stage and translate it into any of 75+ languages, all in real-time. Online viewers of the AWE Main Stage sessions will be able to use these AI transcriptions and translations via the conference's YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/@AWEXR).  

Making events more accessible with AI & XR.

In addition, a pilot group of deaf attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the conference content using state-of-the-art XR glasses, allowing them to experience dynamic captioning through cutting-edge spatial technology. This innovative offering will be accessible at both the XRAI and Qualcomm exhibition areas

“The partnership between XRAI and AWE marks a significant step towards inclusivity in the XR industry, and we are incredibly excited to bring our AI-powered translation capabilities to the forefront of this groundbreaking event," shared Dan Scarfe, Founder and CEO of XRAI.  
"By utilizing XR glasses for immersive captioning, we are not only breaking down communication barriers but also showcasing the transformative potential of AR and AI technologies in creating a more accessible and engaging conference experience." 

Connect to the XRAI Caption Stream
Globally, over 1.5 billion people, nearly 20% of the population, live with some degree of hearing loss, with 430 million individuals facing significant challenges. AWE’s mission is to advance augmented and virtual reality technology to further human progress and the organization is thrilled for the opportunity to use AI and AR to make the conference event accessible for all. 
Setting Up XRAI captions at AWE USA

"Partnering with XRAI for AWE USA 2024 is a significant milestone in our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in the XR industry," said Sonya Haskins, Head of Programming. "By utilizing cutting-edge AI and AR technology, we are able to break down communication barriers and ensure that all attendees can fully engage with our conference content, regardless of language or hearing abilities. We are thrilled to offer this transformative experience to our global audience and showcase the true potential of AR and AI technologies in creating a more inclusive and engaging event." 
As the leading global event for the XR industry, AWE is dedicated to showcasing the real-world value that technologies like AI and AR glasses bring to the in-person event experience. At this year’s 15th anniversary event, all conference stages will feature a live caption and translation stream powered by XRAI. This partnership between AWE and XRAI is an exciting step towards creating a more accessible and inclusive XR industry, setting a new standard for future events worldwide. 

About XRAI 

XRAI was born out of a desire to positively impact human connection, by enabling people to deeper explore the conversations around them. Their multi-award-winning app combines the latest in extended reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to give people the tools to engage with the world in new ways. From real-time subtitles and translation to a powerful AI assistant, they want everyone to be able to see through the noise and be themselves. 
Featured in Forbes, Financial Times, CNN, World Economic Forum, BBC, Wired and more, XRAI works seamlessly with the next generation of smart glasses - so you can join the conversation, no matter where you are. 

About Augmented World Expo (AWE)

AWE is the world's leading AR+VR conference and expo with events in the USA, Asia and Europe. AWE events consistently bring together a mix of CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors and top press in a unique opportunity to learn, inspire, partner and experience firsthand one of the most exciting industries of our times. 
AWE USA 2024 marks the 15th anniversary of the "must attend" global XR industry event; now in our new home in Long Beach, California. The 3-day AR VR conference is packed with sessions from 500+ top speakers across 15 tracks; covering tech and applications in many verticals. The Expo Hall features over 350 exhibitors offering hands-on experience with the latest spatial computing technologies. 
Pre-conference workshops, community meetups, and networking opportunities give guests numerous ways to connect, learn, and grow their XR businesses at AWE USA. 

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