21 Dec 2022 | Ori Inbar
22 Things Replaced With AR
XR Trends Augmented Reality

To celebrate the end of 2022 and the incredible achievements of Augmented Reality (AR) in our lives - here's my list of 22 Things Replaced by AR (consumer edition)!

1. Replaced Tape Measure with AR Tape Measure

(e.g. AirMeasure)

2. Replaced 3D Software for Room Design with AR Room Planners

(e.g. MagicPlan)

3. Replaced Expensive Laser Scanners with AR Object Scanners

(e.g. Poly.cam)

4. Replaced Human Translators with AR Translator

(e.g. Google Translate: Android, iOS)

5. Replaced lots of extra typing with Copy/Paste from the real world

(e.g. Apple Camera Live Text)

6. Replaced Asking Random People On The Street For Directions with AR Navigation

(e.g. Google Maps Live View )

7. Replaced the Need To Measure Carry-Ons in Airports with Will It Fit AR app

(e.g. Up in the Air app by kayak)

8. Replaced Unnecessary Shipping with Try Before You Order AR Apps

(e.g. IKEA Place, Wanna Kicks)

9. Replaced Painting Walls With Wrong Colors with Try Before You Paint

(e.g. Dulux Visualizer)

10. Replaced Unwanted Tattoos with Try Before You Tattoo

(e.g. Inkhunter)

11. Replaced Needless Makeup Waste with Learn Makeup with AR

(e.g. Perfect Corp YouCam)

12. Replaced the Need to Break Walls with See Through Walls AR +  Radio Waves

(e.g. Walabot)

13. Replaced Taking Photos and inserting into Search with Visual Search

(e.g. Google Lens)

14. Replaced Instruction Manuals (or YouTube) with AR Instruction Guides

(e.g. JigSpace)

15. Replaced Art Instructors/Art Text Books with Learn to Draw With AR

(e.g. SketchAR: Android, iOS)

16. Replaced The Need for Personal Attendants for Visually Impaired with AR/Audio Glasses

(e.g. OrCam MyEye)

17. Replaced Star Maps and Learning Astronomy with AR Star Identifiers

(e.g. Stars Walk)

18. Replaced Plants Field Guides with AR Plant Identifier

(e.g. Picture This)

19. Replaced Birds Field Guides with AR Bird Identifiers

(e.g. Merlin)

20. Replaced Not Finding Where You Parked Your Car with AR Car Finder

(e.g. AR Car Finder)

21. Replaced Museum Audio Guides with AR Guides

(e.g. Museum Guides)

22. Replaced Not Knowing How Much Carbon Is Emitted with AR Air Visualizer

(e.g. AiR visualizer) - And see much more from the XR Prize Challenge: Fight Climate Change competitors!

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