AWS Sumerian Pre-conference Workshop

Build VR/AR solutions with Amazon Sumerian

Wednesday, October 16 ,13:00 to 16:00 - Location: MOC - Room C112

With billions of augmented reality (AR)-capable mobile devices in people’s pockets around the globe, there is a massive opportunity to deliver AR experiences that help customers connect with businesses. AR can enable customers to both visualize products in their own homes before purchasing and take part in brand experiences in their own backyards; it can also help field technicians follow instructions that appear directly over the equipment they’re servicing. In this workshop, use Amazon Sumerian within a mobile application built on Amazon Amplify to easily create a personalized, interactive AR experience, and leave with the skills to start building one on your own.

REQUIREMENT FOR THE WORKSHOP: Every attendant needs to have an active AWS account. We suggest opening an AWS account at least the day before the workshop in order to have this active for the time workshop starts. We have the procedure to register a new account for a workshop explained here:

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NOTE: Only *registered* attendees for AWE EU 2019 will be able to attend  this workshop