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DIGITIZATION WITH AUGMENTED REALITY SOFTWARE Everyone talks about digitization. We are the ones who make it! With innovative software solutions for 3D and Augmented Reality, we guide your company into the future. We show you what you need, to implement these new technologies in your company in the most efficient and productive way possible. Besides the individual solutions we offer, we have therefore developed three out of the box software applications: With PINS you can easily and quickly create content- customised to your needs with no need for programming skills. Pinpoint digital information exactly onto desired points of real objects and revolutionise manual work flows in production, quality assurance, maintenance, installation or training. The 3D application STEPS allows to convert 3D CAD data into interactive 3D animations or simulations, such as instructions for industrial plants or training content. The Windows application is easy to understand and extremely versatile. With the Augmented Reality Software POLYGONS time-consuming processing of your CAD Data belong to the past. You can optimize 3D CAD models easily for quick use on the smart glass. Additionally, you can do the rendering on the high performance computer to then transfer the output via wifi onto the device, like the HoloLens, in just one mouse click. Data intensive models can therefore be displayed on the Augmented Reality device within just seconds.