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About Univet s.r.l. Univet s.r.l. is an Italian multinational founded in 1997 specialized in manufacturing safety, laser and medical protective eyewear products. The company has won several awards including the Best Practice Technology Leadership in the Eye Protection Industry Prize from the Frost & Sullivan Association for excellence and avant-garde technology applied to product development and the Red Dot Awards design prizes among others. Univet’s product line complies with the highest safety and protection standards. About EyeTechLab The EyeTechLab is the Univet’s Division of the new products, including the adoption of the most disruptive technologies into the eyewear protection products. EyeTechLab is the Division that signed a strategical agreement with Sony for the adoption of the waveguides display technology in Augmented Reality devices. About VisionAR EyeTechLab has developed the VisionAR safety glasses. This headset includes a monocular projection system based on Sony’s holographic optical engine and a control box that can be connected to the glasses via a USB C. VisionAR includes a camera, a status LED, a temperature sensor, an IR sensor, a light sensor, a barometer sensor or a microphone for voice control.