AWE Nite: XR Streaming

Empowering the Next Level of AR/VR Applications

Presented by Holo-Light

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The emergence of smart glasses has led to a revolution in corporate efficiency - but mobile devices come with their own limitations in computing and graphics power. 

As the industry matures, we see a a rising demand for more sophisticated AR/VR applications. XR streaming is a technology that unleashes the full potential of XR. Streamed XR allows applications to surpass performance limits and to be used across platforms. This means experiencing 3D content in unprecedented detail and complexity, less customization work for developers, and a wider range of hardware options for consumers to choose from. 

Will streaming be the future for more immersive experiences and critical use cases?

Join us June 2 for AWE Nite: XR Streaming, where we will discuss the power of streaming XR, now and into the future.


WHEN: June 2 at 12pm EDT / 9am PDT / 5pm BST
WHERE: Join through Zoom, link provided upon registration.


  • How is streaming in XR different from downloadable apps and software?
  • What are the advantages and drawbacks of XR streaming?
  • Why should enterprise XR customers opt for streaming?

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