Ravid Segal
Chief Technology Officer MSR the Israel Center for Medical Simulation

Ravid Segal‏, ‏MA, MCTS, MCSE‏ ‏is‏ ‏Chief Technology‏ ‏Officer of MSR. He has been ‎with MSR, the Israel Center for Medical Simulation since its inception in 2000 ‎and is responsible for the wide‏ ‏variety‏ ‏of technologies in healthcare ‎simulation such as advanced human patient simulators, VR and AR, ‎developing‏ ‏technologies that support healthcare professionals training and ‎evaluation with the vision of developing state‏ ‏of the art XR tools for medical ‎simulation. Ravid has experience in building‏ ‏immersive computer systems ‎and Audio Visual‏ ‏equipment and software and integrating them to fit ‎the‏ ‏pedagogical‏ ‏needs‏ ‏of the center

MSR , the Israel Center for Medical Simulation is the largest ‎center in Israel, training and/or testing 20,000 healthcare ‎professionals annually.‎

MSR aims to better prepare these professionals by means of ‎simulation-based training in order to reduce errors, test ‎competency and thus save lives. The VR and AR fields are ‎just now beginning to enter healthcare education and ‎training. I will discuss the difference between what there is ‎and what we need and the lessons learned so far; the need for ‎AI, VR and AR in medical training and evaluation and the ‎advantages, disadvantages‎ and the user aspect of adapting ‎these technologies. ‎


Nov 11

13:30 - 14:00

Grand Hall B
Main Stage/Enterprise

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Ravid Segal | MSR the Israel Center for Medical Simulation

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