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One million steps towards humanizing tech.


Mobile devices have reached 5 billion people today, that includes kids who now use phones and tablets to learn, entertain themselves and play games. But there is a growing concern amongst parents whether their kids are getting the right and a healthy amount of screen time. We talked to hundreds of parents who all said that they suffer from this guilt, where they always have to make this choice of screen time or the real world time. We learned that most kids didn’t move or interact when engaging with the devices. Looking at the popular experiences for kids it was obvious that most of the them were made for adults with some minor adjustments for kids. Can Augmented Reality solve this critical issue? Can it bring good screen time for kids? Can it make them active? Can it make them move a million steps? We believe it can! We want to share our journey of how we used our game development, machine learning, physical therapy, and education backgrounds to make children move a million steps towards learning, connecting with the real world, and holistic wellbeing.


Co-Founder , Equally
Co-Founder , Equally

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