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XR by the Numbers: What the Data Tells Us

Stephanie LLamas | SuperData


Mobile Augmented Reality is already a mainstream media platform in use today by more than 1 billion consumers worldwide. With the release of new untethered headsets and more content to experience on them, Virtual Reality is on its way to critical mass as well. Games and entertainment have been the key driver for adoption on the consumer end, but will it be enough to sustain the current speed of adoption? What's the demand for entertainment applications and how can developers monetize? Finally, where are the biggest opportunities for advertisers and creators who seek to engage these hard-to-reach consumers? Will the gaming-focused Oculus Quest open the floodgates and serve as the catalyst for broader consumer adoption? Learn the answers to these questions and more as Stephanie Llamas, head of XR at SuperData, a Nielsen Company, presents critical data and insights from her unique vantage at the center of the exploding VR and AR universe.


Stephanie LLamas
Head of XR , SuperData

Gaming the Future of Location-Based Entertainment

David Elton | DreamCraft Attractions Ltd.


Compelling, adaptive, and responsive content will define the future of mixed reality. Join games veteran David Elton in an exploration of how video game mechanics will drive the evolution of location-based entertainment experiences


David Elton
General Manager and Project Director , DreamCraft Attractions Ltd.

How to Fly with Dragons: DreamWorks XR Experiences

Lara Samms | DreamWorks Animation

Joanna Popper | HP Inc.

Gil Zimmerman | DreamWorks

Elvin Korkuti | DreamWorks Animation


Learn how DreamWorks innovators and the Advanced Creative Technology team took audiences on a virtual tour of the Hidden World and sent them base jumping through Berk in a virtual race with your favorite characters. Using real-time technology via game engine, you will see how immersive storytelling turned the beloved How to Train Your Dragon franchise into unique VR experiences.


Lara Samms
VP of Emerging Tech and Strategy , DreamWorks Animation
Joanna Popper
Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment , HP Inc.
Gil Zimmerman
Head of Layout , DreamWorks
Elvin Korkuti
Sr. Software Engineer , DreamWorks Animation

Value Proposition for Location Based Entertainment

Ned Atkins | Exit Reality

Selma Sabera Ruzdijic | MEOW WOLF

Daisy Berns | LBE News

Aaron Pulkka | Two Bit Circus

Joanna Popper | HP Inc.

Leila Amirsadeghi | Onedome


Topics to be covered: • What are the key factors that entertainment venues are looking for in a VR attraction? • Design considerations for LBE providers & end-users • Deciding between Road-shows vs Brick & Mortar Location. Is one better than the other? • Marketing strategy for LBE venues • Where is the industry going? • What hurdles are we facing?


Ned Atkins
Director of Sales & Strategic Partnerships , Exit Reality
Selma Sabera Ruzdijic
Daisy Berns
Founder & Editor in Chief , LBE News
Aaron Pulkka
Head of Attractions & Production , Two Bit Circus
Joanna Popper
Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment , HP Inc.
Leila Amirsadeghi
Chief Marketing Officer , Onedome


Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to be the future of entertainment by igniting imaginations and unlocking entirely new, valuable ways for humans to interact with each other. Imagine visiting Dolores Park and playing a game of virtual Jenga with everyone nearby, or learning about the First Transcontinental Railroad in school building a digital representation with classmates, or building a collaborative AR sculpture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. These examples only begin to describe how AR has the potential to elevate the entertainment world by providing a new way for humans to interact with each other and the world around them. 2019 is set to be a watershed year for AR, and Anjney will discuss the importance of having the technology to support the anticipated massive mainstream adoption; he can also speak to the technology and best practices (for companies, creators, programmers, and others) that will make AR experiences an easily adopted, everyday part of our lives.


Anjney Midha
CEO and Cofounder , Ubiquity6

Sitting Courtside with the NBA

David Browning | NBA Digital


The National Basketball League (NBA) is one of the most progressive, forward looking and technologically advanced professional sports leagues in the world. Join David Browning, Senior Product Manager for NBA Digital and hear about the wide scope of VR/AR/MR products that they have brought to the market in the past few years. As well as a discussion on where HMD sports content will likely go in the coming years.


David Browning
Sr. Product Manager, Emerging Products , NBA Digital

Intersection of Gaming and Entertainment in XR

Yelena Rachitsky | Oculus

Marcie Jastrow | Technicolor

Ted Gagliano | Twentieth Century Fox Studios

Deanna Brown | Billboard/The Hollywood Reporter

Jennifer Chavarria | Kite & Lightning


An exploratory session speaking to entertainment industry veterans and new indie gaming startups.


Yelena Rachitsky
Executive Producer, Experiences , Oculus
Marcie Jastrow
SVP Immersive Media, Head of The Technicolor Experience Center , Technicolor
Ted Gagliano
President, Feature Post Production , Twentieth Century Fox Studios
Deanna Brown
President , Billboard/The Hollywood Reporter
Jennifer Chavarria
Head of Studio , Kite & Lightning

Ground breaking example of using AR in Entertainment

Jeremy Fontana | National Geographic Night Sky Odyssey


National Geographic Night Sky Odyssey is one of the most unique and compelling examples of leveraging AR in the entertainment and education space. Guests are provided with a take-home AR headset by Aryzon, and using their own smart phones are presented with a immersive tour of the dark sky. Using the phones GPS, compass and accelerometer, the specially designed version of Escapist Games Star Chart overlays high definition renderings of the original 17th century illustrations of the 88 constellations. Names of the stars and planets as well as the illustrations are perfectly superimposed over the actual night sky, bringing to life, like never before the heavens above us. Learn how this exciting new example of AR has enthralled audiences in its first year of sold out shows, and is enabling locations around the world to offer this revolutionary technology to excite and engage visitors of all ages.


Jeremy Fontana
President and Concept Creator , National Geographic Night Sky Odyssey