Alberto Tono
Computational Design Lead HDR Inc
Alberto Tono served as the Design Technology Specialist in an Architectural and Engineering company. He has a MS degree in Architecture and Engineering from the University of Padua. Alberto was working in the computational design space since 2014 for BIM workflow on large projects with Bimon. His studies took him to Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) in China and to Rene van Zuuk Architect Studio in the Netherlands. He is very keen on computational design and machine learning. These passions inspired him to found and helped various communities, Deeplearningitalia, Italian Dynamo User Group, Bimhox, Dreamship. He also is a multi-awarded "hacker" and speaker in several international conferences and universities. He is the co-founder and board of director of the Alumni Unipd Chapter in the Bay Area and the San Francisco Computational Design Institute.