Suzan Oslin
Experience Architect UXXR Design
As a computer graphics pioneer, Suzan Oslin began her career writing particle system animations for early visual effects giants such as Metrolight Studios, Warner Brothers and Disney Feature Animation. Her innovative experience design work at Technicolor earned her credit as a collaborator on the patent for Fulfillment Tracking In Asset-Driven Workflow Modeling. She brings the same pioneering spirit and enterprise level expertise to her product strategy consulting work for VR and AR companies who understand the experience driven marketplace.

Suzan has been an active leader in the local Los Angeles design community for over 11 years. Over the past two years, she has taken on several leadership roles to promote UX design for immersive media at AWE Nites LA, VRARA and Open AR Cloud Working Groups. She is a creative technologist, futurist, and space enthusiast who believes that the evolution of the human race is at the mercy of emerging technology and that creators must share in the responsibility of shepherding society into the future.


02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
Grand Ballroom C

AWE Around the World (AWE Nites)

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