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MediView XR, Inc.
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MediView XR, Inc. is a Cleveland Clinic based startup that leverages augmented reality, remote connectivity and spatial computing data to create revolutionary surgical navigation and teleprocedure platforms.   MediView uses augmented reality to provide surgeons with intraoperative 3D "x-ray" holographic visualization.  The surgeon is able to look directly into a patient during a procedure and see all of their internal anatomy under their skin in 3D (organs, bones, vasculature, etc).  The system also tracks the surgeon's instruments and provides "light-ray" guidance so that the surgeon can plan and see the trajectory of their tools in relation to the patient's anatomy throughout the procedure.MediView's platform technologies also utilize remote connectivity to permit medical professionals to collaborate for patient care with shared communication, visualization and holographic guidance.   These technologies dramatically expand telehealth by enabling care providers to connect and collaborate remotely for teleprocedures and telesurgery.   This both enables the delivery of higher levels of healthcare to underserved areas and limits the number of healthcare providers potentially exposed to a contagion like COVID-19.Finally, MediView captures the data produced during the holographic procedures to provide further insights and guidance to medical professionals.  Our team is currently completing in-human evaluations at Cleveland Clinic facilities to verify the safety, accuracy and efficiencies of these technologies.